Many occasions to celebrate in July

Ever wonder how certain bizarre or unique holidays originated? Just for fun, I decided to check out the month of July and found six unique or bizarre monthly observances and 31 other strange holidays.

Included in the monthly observances were National Blueberry Month, Anti-Boredom Month, Unlucky Month for Weddings, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month.

Of course, those observances seem tame compared to some of the other holiday celebrations.

For example, on July 2 some people may have recognized, ?I Forgot Day,? but then again, maybe we didn?t remember it.

Another catchy, weird holiday was ?Compliment Your Mirror Day.?

According to information about this date, we are asked to stand in front of our mirror, close our eyes and smile. The idea is that when we open our eyes, there is a picture staring back at us of an absolutely stunning individual. Hmmm.

Something I didn?t realize happened on July 2 was the ?Roswell Incident,? and possibly the origin of ?World UFO Day.?

The idea behind UFO day is to get governments to tell people that unidentified flying objects do exist.

Of course, July 4 is Indepen?dence Day, but it is also shared with ?Sidewalk Egg Frying Day.?

It?s not too tough to figure out why it?s egg-frying day considering the triple-digit heat we have been experiencing.

?Work-a-Holic Day? is amply named for anyone who works on the July 4 weekend and one reference suggested the work-a-holic consider ?Hammock Day? or ?Relaxation Day? to break the cycle.

My husband would like ?Tapioca Pudding Day? celebrated July 15. No origin for this special day was listed, but according to tapioca pudding fans, it is an enjoyable dessert on a hot summer day.

In the trivia department, I didn?t know that tapioca is the starch from a cassava root, which is what gives the pudding its unique texture.

Also celebrated on July 15 is ?Cow Appreciation Day.? That probably makes sense because so many people are grilling steaks, hamburgers and other bovine meats during July.

One thing I found interesting about the cow day is that some restaurants and dairy companies actually celebrate this day with specials. Now that I am aware of this, I think I will see if any restaurants actually do offer specials that weekend.

Not sure why ?Amelia Earhart Day,? would be considered bizarre or unique, but July 24, which happens to be her birthday, is set aside to honor her. The renown aviatrix was born in Atchison. I have visited her childhood home and read a lot of information about her.

It?s a good thing to remember this famous Kansan and celebrate her accomplishments.

Maybe someday, the mystery surrounding her disappearance will be solved. Right now, there are theories that suggest a conspiracy or even alien abductions.

For those who like to sew, ?Thread the Needle Day? is July 25. In addition to being a day for those who sew, there?s a second meaning in the term, ?thread the needle.? It means to either walk a fine and difficult line between two things or issues or do something difficult.

In other words, for those of us who have friends taking different sides of an issue, we might be required to ?thread the needle? on the issue to keep both people as friends.

I also found out July 27 is ?Take Your Pants for a Walk Day.? In case you haven?t figured out what that date implies, it?s all about exercising. Supposedly this special day is on the Internet for E-card and calendar websites.

Considering I need to get back into an exercise program, July 27 (or sooner) could be a good time to celebrate going for a walk.

Even though no reference was made to the 81st annual Marion County Fair, July 27 through July 30, in my research, it?s still important to remember.

This year we are having the largest carnival we have ever had in the history of the fair and that is exciting news.

It?s also fun to meet with friends and family and will be a good way for me to kick off taking my pants for that walk.

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