Grandma-to-be anticipates changes

Our daughter, Tracy, and son-in-law, Stephan, are expecting their first child in less than three weeks. Even though they are 5,000 miles away, we are lucky grandparents because we have Skype.

When our daughter was born in 1980, it was still the ?dark ages? as far as technology.

But now with Skype, it?s almost like being in the same room with them.

We are so excited about little granddaughter Livia?s arrival and seeing the circle of our family expanding.

As the date gets closer, I think about this next generation and how such a small person is already having a huge impact on her family.

Someone asked me recently if becoming a grandmother makes me feel even older. I wasn?t sure how to respond.

I don?t think I am getting any younger, but one thing is for sure, and that?s knowing what really matters in this world.

This little baby makes me feel even more alive, and going from mother to grandmother is tough because I am trying to figure out where my place will be in the scheme of things.

When my brothers and I were growing up, we all loved our grandmother?she was our mentor. Maybe that is secretly what I hope to be for our little Livia. It would be great to share my view of life and let her know what a wonderful world she lives in and how it all works.

One of the lighthearted benefits of being a grandmother is being able to hold her, change her diapers and rock her to sleep. But when it?s the middle of the night, that?s left to her parents.

I am also planning to do my best in being a positive, happy and active role model for her even if she sees me as old.

Hopefully I still have another 20 years or so left in me, and during that time I want to keep moving.

I believe there is a lot of joy in having children and also with grandchildren, too. Livia is going to be adorable in my eyes and I don?t think I can spoil her by loving her too much.

The experience from raising three of my own children?mistakes included?can only help with having a granddaughter.

Of course, the trick is going to be getting to Germany enough to carry out these plans. It won?t be like going across town to see them, and yet I can still mail her things.

When Tracy was a baby, she had an Uncle Andy. He was a bachelor all his life, but he knew how to shower his nieces and nephews with presents.

What always amazed me and my children was how Uncle Andy could stuff more than 30 items in one small box. He had little trinkets in every corner.

The kids also learned a valuable lesson when it came to thanking him for gifts.

An example of that was when our daughter thanked him for sending her owls. She told him how much she liked them and, from then on, Uncle Andy literally showered her with owls. She received owl T-shirts, towels, toys and other objects with owls on them. She was almost 16 years old and was still getting wooden owls to hang on her wall.

For Tracy, her Uncle Andy holds a special place in her heart and he always will.

But spring is almost here and so is our granddaughter, Livia. It will be a lot different than when I had my children because I won?t be overwhelmed with those days of motherhood.

As a grandmother, I now have enough time in my day to finish a thought, give my full attention to anyone or anything and I am always able to finish a meal. I wouldn?t trade those precious moments for anything though.

The uniqueness of a child?s soul and watching their development is priceless. I think what will be different between being a mother and a grandmother is that now I can remember the details.

Becoming a grandparent is a time to celebrate and, in less than a month, if you see me outside my house wearing a sign to that effect, you will know the happy day has arrived.

God bless all parents and particularly those of us who have graduated to becoming grandparent
























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