Change is just a part of the journey

The quote: “Change is the only constant in life,” came from a man named Heraclitus, who was a pre-Socractic Greek philosopher.

And, no truer words have been written or spoken about change.

Some recent changes prompted sad feelings, and in this case it was my friend and neighbor.

Other changes might cause someone to feel mad, glad or scared.

Years ago, I left Mountain Home, Ida., to take a job in Colby. The frightening thing about leaving was that I didn’t know anybody in Colby.

Plus, it was a long trip traveling with two small children and our pet cat.

I think it was a mixed bag of feelings when the day came that I was retiring from the newspaper business. I was sad, happy, scared and in some ways mad because I was not ready to be put out to pasture.

Fortunately, I have two great bosses in Joey and Lindsey Young, and the office staff is second to none. All of that combined meant I had a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings.

In the newspaper world, we are seeing a lot of changes, some good and some not-so-good.

The most recent changes were at the Marion County Commission today when Ed Debesis, our county’s EMS director resigned effective Sept. 20. He served as the county EMS director for about two and one-half years.

In fact, the county at that time, hired an EMS consultant to help develop a better ambulance service, and applauded the county’s selection of Debesis.

The consultant in March of 2016 told the commissioners that the county needed to coordinate its EMT services, develop a culture of regular all-county training, and Identify with the county rather than as five separate communities.

Debesis served the county well, but now the search is on for a replacement.

Last week, Emma Tajchman, the county’s planning and zoning director, was another person who resigned.

Mike Beneke, who served on the Marion County Community Economic Development Corp., gave up his seat as a board member, earlier in the week, and he expressed sadness, but believed the group was in good hands.

Getting back to one of the changes that’s the hardest on me in recent years, is our neighbors, Lillian and Don Bookless, who are heading north to Canada.

Along the way, they plan to visit two of their three sons and their wives—one in Nebraska and one in Oregon—before making their way to Canada and living near their oldest son.

It’s amazing how many times I have leaned on Lillian for emotional support.

I can’t count the number of times she loaned me a shoulder to cry on, and even though I have other friends, she was good about saying just the right thing.

When I think about Lill and Don, it gives me pause to remember how many people I have lost contact with, and those who meant so much to me in different stages of my life.

I love every one of these people dearly—those who are now in my past—because they really cared for and gave me so much. They made me what I am.

Happy travels to my recent friends heading north, and to all my other pals who I’ve known in the past and present.

If I could get a message to all of them, it would be that we are still together in a place where we are not neglecting each other.

Life is a journey, and we meet people along the path.

It’s always fun to think about who might be the next person who could make a huge difference in my life.

If that’s to be, I think I am ready.

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