A year to remember…or not

It?s 2014, but I?m not quite ready to wave goodbye to 2013 just yet. As one year ends and the next begins, it seems like my days get lumped together.

Little time is left to fully enjoy my family, my personal beliefs and all that is important in our community, state, nation and the world.

The most important resolutions will be to continue improving family relationships, friendships at work, and taking time to enjoy the people I know or those I will meet for the first time.

I also plan to strengthen my faith and be vigilant in praying for those less fortunate who are struggling for clean water, food and other necessities of life.

As 2013 comes to a close, I also want to revisit some of the top headlines that made national, state and community news because I think there?s a lot I missed.

On the national front, many news sources chose the following top stories, in no particular order.

Those included: the Jodi Arias trial; Obamacare and its collapse under technical glitches; the Boston Mara?thon bombing and the two brothers who allegedly set off the bomb; the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge; the George Zimmerman trial and subsequent acquittal; the civil war in Syria; the North Korean missile threats; Pope Benedict?s retirement and Pope Francis? appointment; the death of Nelson Mandela, 95, and Paula Dean?s lawsuit.

Other top stories

In the U.S. and abroad many articles were about courage, inspiration and new beginnings.

But not everything was good news. Some of the headlines involved corruption, sadness and a hope for better days to come. Among those, the Moore, Okla., tornado shouldn?t be forgotten.

Other stories included the IRS overreaching, gun control losing steam, Detroit filing bankruptcy and the Snowden leaks.

New gadgets

None of the new gadgets were on my Christmas list, but it was still fun to learn what was out there.

Among them were the Bladepad for the iPhone 5, for gamers on the go; the Breffo Adventure Camera kit introducing the Octopod that grips to anything with rubber coated metal legs; Philips Citiscape Downtown headphones to make noisy places endurable; Pocketstrings for the avid musician who can never find time to practice; and Sleephones, which are headphones that help someone sleep.

New styles

Designers were busy figuring out the best clothing in 2013. Some of my favorites included the ?Buy the Farm: Keeping it Real in Country-Inspired Pieces.?

The idea was to move away from the fit-and-flare gowns and dresses to a ?looser fit? and more rustic look. Models in flannel shirts, loose jeans and tennis shoes for dressing up or down.

Other styles included long-pleated skirts, fancier-looking sportswear, bermuda shorts, short suits, over-the-knee flat/low heel boots, knit beanies, slouchy pants, designer T-shirts and oversized-outerwear.

New hairstyles

Hairstyles aren?t just for women, but men are also looking to improve.

The best hairstyles for men in 2013 included going with spiky hair to give a bold and sassy look or the new men?s crop for a razor short look.

One other look was the ?cool guys wear undercuts.? The hair is cut very short on the sides and left longer on the top. David Beckham was one of the celebrities wearing that look last year.

New animals

Being an animal lover, I couldn?t help but add a few of the new species discovered last year.

Those included an Olinguito, which lives in the Andes Mountains of Colombia and is a member of the raccoon family; a walking shark seen by divers as it walked along the sea floor; a giant clam that has yet to be named, but DNA shows it is a different specie and a skeleton shrimp that looks very scary with its translucent body.

Other strange species include a planthopper, which is a tiny and very odd looking insect; a baturite porcupine with a grasping tail, and a pirate ant from the Philippines named for its pirate?s eyepatch.

Word of the Year

It?s hard to believe all the ?new? things in 2013, but one I couldn?t pass up involved words.

Drum roll, please.

The 2013 word of the year, according to the Oxford Dictionaries is ?selfie.? It is a type of self-portrait photograph taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.

Some of the runners-up were bedroom tax, binge-watch, bitcoin, olinguito?hey, that matches one of the new animals that was discovered?schmeat, showrooming and twerk.

The words were either nouns or verbs and, not surprising, I noticed Spell?check wanted me to change them. Suggestions like ?twerk? to ?twerp? and ?bitcoin? to ?billion? or ?biconic.?

With so much information out there, it?s no wonder I missed so much in 2013. I can try and do better in 2014, but I doubt my brain will be able to handle the task.

Regardless, here?s hoping everyone has a very happy, happy new year!

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