Recipe ‘nacho’ best low-calorie option

A few weeks ago, we spent some time in Wichita for a friend’s birthday. We went to see the new Captain America movie (it was awesome), and then we strolled over to Old Chicago for dinner.

While we were there, people raved about how good their Italian nachos were, and when I saw them on someone else’s plate, I decided I needed to try them for myself.

Of course, being the do-it-yourself type, I decided I needed to find a copycat version to make at home.

So a few nights ago, when Joey and I had an evening off, we queued up a movie and made a huge serving of Italian nachos at home (It was too huge of a serving, but the guilt wasn’t strong enough to stop us from polishing them off, unfortunately.).

I found some copycat directions on the blog “Fabulously Delicious.” You can find the post at It’s not really written out as a recipe on the site, so I broke it down for you to make it nice and easy. The amounts will fully depend on how big of a serving you want, so I’ll just give you ingredients and steps. It’ll be up to you to decide how much of each you want to use.

* * *

Italian Nachos


Oil for frying

Wonton wrappers


Italian sausage

Mozzarella cheese

Marinara sauce for dipping


Heat oil to about 350 degrees.

Line a plate with a paper towel.

Each wonton wrapper will make two chips, so cut as many as you want in half diagonally and drop them a few at a time into the oil.

They will fry quickly. Remove them when they are golden brown and transfer them to the paper towel.

Continue until all of them are done.

In the meantime, brown your Italian sausage until it is completely done. Crumble it and drain off all excess grease.

Spread the chips onto a baking sheet lined with foil.

Sprinkle the Italian sausage on top and layer with as many pepperonis as you like. Top it off with a healthy amount of mozzarella.

Place the baking sheet under the broiler in your oven for one to two minutes (Watch this. I left mine in for about three and burnt some of my chips.).

Serve immediately with marinara sauce for dipping on the side.

* * *

These were really, really delicious, and with the pasta taste of the wonton wrappers, they definitely had an Italian feel to them.

Unfortunately, this is only a sometimes meal, since I don’t even want to consider the number of calories we ingested. It was totally worth it, though.

This recipe is also extremely customizable, so if you want to toss some jalapenos on top or throw some onions in with your sausage, those would be great flavor combinations, too.

Plus, what can be better than avoiding the drive into Wichita and enjoying some yummy nachos right in your own home?

Lindsey Young is managing editor of The Clarion, the Kansas Publishing Ventures newspaper in Andale. She can be reached at

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