Oreo dip is a quick, crowd-pleasing dessert

As a teaching staff, we often celebrate ?Fat Friday? together.

Really, it?s just an excuse to dump lots of food into the teachers? lounge and pig out on all kinds of great treats.

This tradition is an excellent way for me to use my co-workers as test subjects for new desserts. Our last ?Fat Friday? was no different as I decided to mix up a batch of Oreo dip.

Unfortunately, when I got to the store, I couldn?t find any boxes of Oreo-flavored instant pudding, so I decided to do a little substituting, and while I?m sure the original recipe was delicious, my version was pretty darn good, too, and I only had a bit left in the bowl at the end of the day.

The original recipe comes from the blog ?The Frugal Girls.? You can find it at http://thefrugalgirls.com/ 2012/04/skinny-oreo-dip-recipe.html.


Oreo Dip


1 package instant chocolate pudding (I used fudge-flavored; the recipe calls for Oreo)

2 cups milk

1/2 tub whipped topping

1 package chocolate sandwich cookies

1 box graham crackers


Before you start, put your whipped topping out to thaw if it?s still frozen.

In your serving bowl, combine the instant pudding and milk, and whisk it together until it is completely combined and begins to thicken just slightly.

Cover the bowl in plastic wrap and refrigerate for about half an hour or until the pudding is fully chilled and at the right consistency.

Spoon in about half the tub of whipped topping and stir to swirl the two flavors together (don?t fully combine them?it makes it prettier if it has some white and brown streaks together).

Crush a few cookies and sprinkle the pieces on top of the dip.

Serve with additional cookies and graham crackers for dipping.


If you?re ever in a situation where you forgot that you?re supposed to bring a snack to a get-together, this is a really nice, quick option.

Also, you could easily substitute other flavors of pudding if you like. I could envision a strawberry version being absolutely delicious.

And, truth be told, if you make your pudding with skim milk, buy fat-free whipped topping and low-calorie graham crackers, you could almost argue that it isn?t even fit for a ?fat? day but any time you want a good snack.

Lindsey Young is managing editor of The Clarion, the Kansas Publishing Ventures newspaper in Andale. She can be reached at lindseyclarion@gmail.com.

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