Songs are stuck in my brain

I showed the VBS videos at church this past week for a couple of hours five nights in a row.

Now, when I am trying to fall asleep or when I wake up, all I can hear are these songs in my head.


I came home to a little yellow post card door hanger with even littler print on it requesting information about our home. It read that we are up for the six-year review of the value of our house for real estate property tax purposes.

I can see the reason for the small card, it costs less to print and less to mail back, but the print is so small that old people like me have trouble reading it.

I am a printer, too, so things like this bother me. I would suggest to whomever is in charge of making these cards to at least make the card larger so the type can be bigger so that someone like me can read it without enlisting the aid of a magnifying glass. Actually, I don?t have a magnifying glass, but have become a somewhat proficient squinter when the light condition is just right.


I have many memories of my youth that keep surfacing. For example, when I have a younger audience, these memories of the past seem to flow out of my mouth like water from a spigot.

I?m not sure why I thought of this, but in the days of my first car or two, which had stick-shift transmissions, I learned to shift gears without using the clutch.

I thought it was the neatest thing to be able to drive it that way. I would even start driving from a stop with the car in gear without using the clutch.

You just put it in low and turned the ignition and if all was working good, the car would start going and then you could go with the clutchless shifting from there.

If you stepped on the gas and let off, you could jam the next gear with the proper timing without any problems. The same was true for down shifting.

But if you miss-timed the shift, the sound you heard was not so good. And we had a saying for that. ?Grind me a pound. It?s on the ground.?


The state of politics in the United States is in shambles. And I think it is be?yond fixing. That goes for both major political parties.

Everyone knows politicians can be bought and it happens on a regular basis. How else do our congressmen go to Washington without wealth and leave with it? U.S. Congress members are very good at taking care of themselves financially.

If we don?t figure out a way to get the money out of it, the average guy is lost.


The longer I have been in recovery from shoulder surgery, the more I hear about others who have endured and recovered from the same thing. It is now 10 weeks and I am making some healthy strides at therapy. At least I can type with both hands now.


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