Show support for Berg

I completely support Republican Susan Berg in her bid to become Marion County Treasurer and here is why.

I spent a few years working with Susan in the Marion County Treasurer’s office. I found her to be intelligent, well-spoken and professional. And she is a very quick study, learning and excelling rapidly in all her duties.

In addition, as a representative of the treasurer’s office, she is able to communicate effectively with taxpayers in a very kind and clear manner, while maintaining her natural warmth and compassion. To quote an old adage, Susan is able to give a “spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down!”

I have encouraged Susan to seek office for a number of years and I am thrilled that she will soon fulfill all the potential that I have seen in her as she continues to accurately and honestly serve the citizens of Marion County. I encourage all voters to support Susan in the Aug. 4 primary and in the general election in November.

Marianne Siebert

Rural Florence

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