Saying thanks to those who stuck it out

About this time last year, we started dealing with hospital issues. In the following months a lot of things transpired to get to the point this week where the hospital is no longer in bankruptcy. As Mayor Lou has said many times “the Good Lord has guided us through this season.”

I wanted to take the opportunity to point out to our community this successful outcome would not have been possible without the many hospital employees who stuck with us continuing to bring quality health care that we could count on even when their employment situation was on thin ice.

Over the past year, our hospital employees have wondered what new issue would come up yet the employees kept coming to work and providing great care. The successful outcome of clearing the bankruptcy has its foundation with those employees. As a community, we need to give thanks to them all for believing Hillsboro needs great health care. We need to thank them for being courageous in a time of great uncertainty. We need to thank them for being there when we needed their professional skills.

As this phase closes, we need to support our friends at Hillsboro Community Hospital. It is important they feel our backing and support. I, for one, want to thank them all for sticking with us as we worked through the legal issues. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are true heroes!

Larry Paine

Hillsboro City Administrator