Reporting from the big city

October greetings from Atlanta, GA. We were always amused when our grandson’s said they liked to come to Kansas because there was nothing to do in Atlanta. And they would look out onto Main Street from our upstairs apartment and ask where are all the cars. Let me tell you that after living all of September in Atlanta, there is plenty going on here. The house is near I20 and we hear cars going by at 6000rpm and I have named the road the Dale Ernhardt Jr. freeway.

Knock, knock Who’s there? Juno Juno who? Juno we now have a dog named Juno. Amy left to go order tile for the kitchen remodel and came back with a rescue dog from the Fulton County Animal Shelter. The people at the shelter thought she is about two years old and had been living on the street. Louis named her.

Living in Atlanta isn’t much different than Hillsboro for us. We stay home most of the time and sometimes go pick up take out. Many of the restaurants are take out only because of the pandemic. The only difference is the traffic!

One difference is that my medical appointments at Emory are only twenty minutes away. I have seen five doctors at the Emory Eye Center and did a two-hour Zoom with the ALS clinic. The eye doctors have coordinated a plan to help the vision in my left eye. This week I will be fitted with a special contact lens to lubricate the dry cornea. Hopefully, this will clear up some of the blurriness. I have many follow-up appointments scheduled for October already. I said that I wasn’t going to write about my health anymore, but this is all new information.

The remodel project is going on as we speak and has been all month. The living area and bedrooms in the basement are almost finished and then Louis will move down there and give us more space. The kitchen is next.

We knew we loved our kids before we came, but now we love them even more.

Watching Hillsboro High School football online is like being at home watching, until this week when Haven’s coverage went on the fritz. We also watch Tabor football on the computer. Our First Mennonite Church services are either on Youtube or Facebook live. Modern technology helps us stay in touch.

The Cameli’s really know how to cook! We have been enjoying lots of garden vegetables from the raised bed garden in front of the house. How many ways can you cook green beans?

Grandson Alex was here Monday in time to watch the Chiefs vs Ravens game. He stopped on his way to south Georgia with a U Haul truck to pick up a ton of honey for the company for which he works. It’s always nice to spend time with him and his dog Gideon.

I don’t make to-do lists, because I don’t do anything all day long.

Happy Halloween.

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