Recovery moves forward

It was the report we wan?ted. The X-ray showed there is considerable bone growth and the splint has come off Nancy?s broken arm.

But that is just the beginning of the final process of getting back to normal. It is still in the category of precarious. Full range of motion is the goal and it appears that may take a while to achieve.


I decided to contact a tree service to trim our trees in the backyard as there seems to be quite a bit of dead wood we don?t wish to have fall on our heads in the coming months.

I thought the tree guy and I had decided on how to get together but somehow I missed his visit. So now I am in Limb-bo.


Kentucky seems to make the rest of the teams in the NCAA?men?s basketball field look like amateurs?wait, they are pros and the rest ARE amateurs.

I feel for the Jayhawks and the Shockers. Neither wanted to end the short run the way they did, but that is why we have next year. And no one knows how that will look at the moment.


We have someone on staff at the Free Press who plays pranks on the kids for April Fools Day.

For example, one year she replaced the filling in Oreos with toothpaste. Another year she froze cereal in a bowl and then put some fresh on top.

I?m wishing I had thought of doing things like that years ago.


Wednesday, April 1, marks the beginning of the second year that I don?t own the interest I once had in the Free Press, The Buyer?s Edge, Harvey County Now and Kansas Publishing Ventures, LLC.

For a while I called myself the former publisher of the Free Press until my son told me that any dirt bag could be the former publisher. So I took his advice and now give myself the title of founding publisher, which I like much better.

After one year I couldn?t be more pleased with my decision to transfer my ownership to Joey and Lindsey Young.

They have, and when I say ?they,? it is really mostly Joey, have jumped in with both feet and have done a great job of moving things forward.

Joey has great energy and lots of innovative ideas that will serve our company well into the future. I say ?our company? because I have the opportunity to be employed here for the next two years and possibly longer if that?s what Joey wants.

And I still get to write this column, which has stretched well into 17 years?every week, without a miss, since the first issue in 1998.


And now for the last quote regarding newspapers for a while: ?If it weren?t for the last minute, not much would ever get done? (Joel Klaassen).

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