Recalling topics is not easy

I am now wishing I had kept better track of what I have written in this column through the years. Then maybe I would know if I have already written about this and that. But now that I?m in the senior citizen category, maybe I get a pass?


Every once in a while I like to throw in an observation. The latest one is that Kleenex may have invented facial tissue, but I think Puffs has them beat with the delivery system.

With Kleenex, the tissue often falls between the plastic opening and down into the box, and it?s hard to get them back out. With Puffs, the tissue is always right there for the taking.


Some kids are geniuses in their own right. The ?shop locally owned businesses? topic is hot in some of our younger families around town.

I know of one instance where a sixth-grader asked her mom after school one day if she could go to Dale?s and buy some cookies to support a local business.

Now, that is very clear and clever thinking.


I?d like to congratulate Eric Driggers of Greenhaw Pharmacy on his plan to build a new pharmacy at the corner of North Ash and Orchard Drive. I will really like the drive-up window feature and others will, too, as well as more parking.


A month ago it would have been impossible to buy window glass on a Friday around 7:30 p.m. It is now possible to do that at The Lumberyard with expanded hours.

I learned that our friends had their front-door window broken, and I knew it would be possible to help them fix it that night. What a deal.


I fixed breakfast Friday morning: scrambled eggs (fresh free-range chicken eggs from Jerry Engler) with ham and cheese. This went with raisin bread toast and orange juice. Then I made Nancy some coffee because she is the only coffee drinker in our house.

As we were driving to work she said the coffee sure was strong, so I said thank-you.


Eating out has become more expensive the past couple of years. Before, two people could eat for less than $10. Now it approaches $15 or more no matter where you go.

If you want great pizza?and have 15 minutes to wait and don?t mind taking a frozen pizza out of a box and putting it on a rack in the oven?I would recommend the Shurfine Flat Bread Crust Pizza with roasted vegetables and goat cheese from Dale?s Super?market. It?s so simple to make, even I can do it. The price is right at $6 for nine good-sized pieces.

Throw in a pre-cut salad from a bag and you really have something.

Lest you think I am the smart one, Nancy had asked Darren what was for supper and that was his recommendation. Her idea was adding the salad.


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