Reader gives opinion on mask wearing

My elderly father has dementia, and due to the coronavirus now lives in isolation at the St. Luke’s Living Center. My mother and I visit him by looking through a window, and my sister in Virginia talks to him through Facetime. We haven’t held his hand in five months.

My father is a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps and was part of “Operation Starlite”, which made the first night time landing upon the shores of South Vietnam. Dressed in full combat gear, he led a group of Marines through chest-deep water while under enemy fire, to secure and help keep secure our liberties and freedoms. While our veterans wore and still wear combat gear for us, now is the time that we should wear our combat gear for them (simple lightweight face-masks).

Being asked or told to wear a face mask is not an infringement upon our liberties and freedoms; nor is it an act of socialism, but an act of patriotism and compassion, and the proper social response. Sincerely,

Thane M. Schwartz


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