What ?would you rather? find out?

?Would you rather live in the pocket of a giant kangaroo or have a pocket on your own stomach that has a tiny kangaroo in it all the time?? ??Parks and Recreation,? TV show

Would you rather have an extra finger or a missing toe? Would you rather meet Ghandi or Martin Luther King? Would you rather die by fire or drowning?

My daughter and I were playing this thought-provoking-yet-occasionally morbid game called ?Would You Rather?? The one where you have to give an impossible answer to an impossible-to-answer question. Fire or drowning…. Really?

Despite the violent example, it?s generally all fun and games. But there were several questions that made me realize?once again?as it goes in the world of parenting, how much I cannot predict about my daughter anymore. She surprised me with some of her answers and it served as a reminder that while I knew exactly what she would have said at age 5, all bets on my vast knowledge are off for now.

Some questions were easier, things I did know for sure. I am a morning person. She is not. This fact alone made the choice of ?would you rather watch a sunrise or a sunset? easy and obvious to me. Without a thought, she chose sunset. And without a thought, I chose sunrise. Similar colors and similar effects producing similar feelings?total opposites.

If that?s not a metaphor for mothers and daughters, I don?t know what is.

Others, without going into specifics, were enlightening. I think even more surprising than her answers being different than what I expected on her individual questions, was how many things we chose differently on the ones we shared.

We agreed on….let me think?ONE question. Yes, one. If you could have any super power, what would it be? (Flying, of course. It?s good to know we have that in common.) But how could MY child choose Chinese food over Mexican? I?m considering a DNA test; she may have been switched at birth.

As for the first three questions, I chose a missing toe, Ghandi and fire, only because of the possibility of smoke inhalation. Some are harder than others to answer.

I don?t know who came up with this game, but I recommend it for any parent or caregiver who is looking for a little inside information on their children. I guarantee you will be surprised by their answers. This is a deeply psychological yet completely innocent method to find out if your children are?or will be?as equally twisted as their parents. Then again, maybe I would rather not know.

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