Urge for change grows within

?That’s why we?re waiting, waiting on the world to change. We keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change.? ?John Mayer

Two Mason jars were painted blue. New cedar mulch was dumped over old cedar mulch. Basement shelves have been purged.

Those things that I?ve done in the last couple of weeks started with a twinge in my gut. I had been thinking about change for a while.

I have yet to put my finger on the thing, if there is just one, but I had been unknowingly feeling the uneasiness. Big things, like dreams about overseas trips and little things, like Pinterest, starting to get more of my time.

I usually sense the familiar need for a change, even a small one, early on. But I don?t immediately recognize it for what it is. So I take a Midol. Start simple, I say.

Even if it?s true that we should always trust our gut feelings, it?s best to pinpoint the source. But the uneasiness, the restlessness, stayed with me. Not unlike other trackable things, the calendar may offer a clue.

March and September, the gateways to spring and fall. Things end and things begin. Thank God for Kan?sas and its seasons, because those of us who live here get the benefits of natural change.

I like a string of 75 and sunny days as much as the next guy, but it wouldn?t be the same without endless stretches of 10 and 102-degree days to contrast.

Enter Daylight Saving Time. The predictable fight that works against our internal clock. Or if you ask ?the movement? at standardtime.com, the madness.

I guess the hour gained or lost does have its effects for a few days, making nights either too long or too short, which makes people tired?whether we?re falling back or springing forward?does that make sense?

Standard time?s plea to the Obama administration is to ?stop spring forward, fall back. Pick a time and stick with it.? I?m not sure why that is so funny to me. I doubt this is at the top of the presidential priority list, but everyone needs a cause and a website to back it up. If it?s a point of contention in your life, log on. You can sign their petition and everything.

I?ve decided I like the time change, even if it throws off my sleep and annoys people. In a few weeks, it will tell me that summer is going and my beloved fall is coming. By that time, I?ll be more than ready for it. I?m ready now.

Of course, I?m also ready for Christmas. If liking the time change doesn?t annoy someone, I know that sure will.

Maybe falling back for autumn will satisfy my need for something new. Or maybe that?s just part of it. I like the anticipation either way. I?ll keep browsing Pinterest for the short-term fixes and Expedia for the future ones.

At the very least, I still have some blue paint.

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