Tell me, does that make me crazy?

??Even your emotions have an echo in that much space. And when you?re out there without care, yeah I was out of touch. But it wasn?t because I didn?t know enough. I just knew too much. Does that make me crazy? …Possibly? Ha ha ha bless your soul. You really think you?re in control? I think you?re crazy? just like me. ?Gnarls Barkley ?Crazy?

Truth or Dare has been a popular game at our house. It used to be fun because my kids weren?t interested in any kind of truth I might pull out, beyond ?Do you like pickles?? And I wasn?t intimated by their dares. I have no problem kissing a rock or spinning around in a circle until I fall.

But times change pretty quickly. I have made the mistake of choosing truth more recently, and with a pre-teen that can be risky. The dares are no better. Let?s just say we?ve moved the game from the front yard to the back. We take it seriously and after all, a dare is a dare.

I also love my daughter?s book called ?Would You Rather?? It?s a book of choices questions like: Would you rather live the rest of your live with no teeth or live the rest of your life with the hiccups?

I?m one of those who has always had dreams about my teeth falling out, so that one?s easy for me. I chose hiccups. Of course, there are follow-up questions. If I went for the teeth, would I have to take the time to mash up everything I ate for the rest of my life? Could I get dentures? This is probably why these books are made for kids and why my daughter rolls her eyes a lot. She may be right about me over-thinking the questions.

It?s fun when people reveal their thoughts on off-beat subjects. You learn a lot about a person by finding out if they would rather eat spider stew or mashed worms. (Not all information has to have a purpose.)

A morning show I listen to has a segment called ?Does that make me crazy?? Listeners call in to reveal their quirks and OCD rituals.

One woman pulls her dishes from the bottom of the stack when she sets her table so they all get equal use and none of them get their feelings hurt.

That?s really thoughtful.

This is the light side of peeping behind the curtain. Not the stuff that?s obvious to the world, but the other stuff. The good stuff buried for good reason. The stuff that everyone thinks does make them crazy, but what actually confirms that we?re all a little off from time to time.

I am a little torn by the idea because I feel like some things aren?t meant to be broadcast to the world and some may be a little more revealing than the general population would care for them to be. Entertaining? Definitely. Necessary? Not so much.

But it?s funny how a simple question can open a whole plethora of insight. If you want to learn a little something extra about your kids, or spouse, or friends, play a game. You?ll become an expert at separating potential fire jumpers from couch potatoes. A valuable skill when you?re navigating your way through parenthood.

I find myself wagering (against myself) on how many times my kids will choose truth or dare. And mentally deducting ?points? when I guess wrong.

I?m kicking my butt.

Does that make me crazy?

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