Some days iLove the tech boom

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.? ?Arthur C. Clarke

I have discovered the meaning of life. Who knew it would be nearly palm-sized?

As a functioning procrastinator, I?ve been able to get by all right so far. Anyone who lives trapped in the land-of-put-things-off understands how frustrating the pull and tug of this lifestyle is. There may be 17 things to do, there may be just one. No matter, because let?s be honest, it ain?t gonna happen til tomorrow.

And just when we have ourselves convinced that technology could actually help the procrastination situation?i.e., e-mails set up as a triple threat on home and work computers and smartphones, plus calendar reminders that beep at 15-minute intervals?here comes the mother of all Macs: the iPad. (I see fireworks and sparkles, do you?)

I have fallen in love with this little piece of heaven. Pronoun?cing it the meaning of life may be a slight stretch, but I believe in this miracle?of technology, at least. What can I say? It beckons me, making me forget other things that may be regarded as more important. (What?s wrong with pb&j for just one more night?it?s full of protein!)

I?m sure the newness will wear off soon. There are only so many hours in the day and it?s funny how no matter how much complaining goes on about overloaded schedules, there always seems to be time for something else?if you really want it. (Any idea how many iPad apps are out there for the taking?)

Another trouble with these machines is the price. I didn?t have to shell out the hundreds for mine?I won it. Had I not, I wouldn?t have one. But now that I do, along with a keyboard/case, a free word processing program?which I am currently typing this into?and of course, my fake koi pond app, I am sitting on my own happy cloud.

It?s allowed me to brush up on my mad art skills with Draw Something and my vocabulary with Words with Friends (best game ever, by the way.) And on the production side of things, once I allow myself a couple of quick games and a Facebook check-in, I do use it for actual productivity. It?s small and fast and for a person of my mediocre technology level, an irresistible freak of man-made nature.

I probably haven?t touched on what this baby can do, but it?s been enough that my home PC hasn?t been used much since the iPad came to live with us. Steve Jobs even has me using iTunes, which I had an aversion to in the past. But a couple clicks to download a song as I?m listening to it on iHeartRadio? They make it so easy to take my money, how can I deny them?

The newness will wear off, as it does with anything. And once that happens, I vow to spend less time drawing stick figures of JLo and more typing within deadlines. I?m getting more disciplined.

I?m not sure I should admit this but the irony is too much to deny. This column of devotion to my iPad was held hostage by that iPad. It took me all morning to get it out of there and where it needed to be for the newspaper.

This appears to be an evolving relationship. I think we understand each other a little better now.

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