Save the dates for annual Hillsboro reunion

If you are a graduate of Hillsboro High School, I would be saving the following dates for the All-School Reunion which is coming up Sept. 13 and 14 this year which are the dates for the Hillsboro High School homecoming weekend.

Lots of cool things are planned for this year including a new location with nationally known entertainment for the evening. I will mention where and who in this column later.

The Friday night, Sept. 13, homecoming game is with Lyons Lions. Heads up: you get in free with your banquet reservation.

To see photos and a video of last year’s reunion go to the HHS All School link:

I have an old Mac Book Pro laptop that has all of my iTunes on it—then I got a newer laptop Mac Book Pro and was trying to transfer the tunes from the old to the new and some of them need to be relinked. Time to google and find out how.

The old machine has the kernel panic problem and shuts down whenever it feels like it. But it always restarts after doing it.

I liken it to barfing and then getting back to work right after it happens. It is annoying though.

I know some boys who live in Minnesota were just wondering if hot dogs were really made from dogs.

Their mom posted the following: Honestly thought they knew…I just had to explain that hot dogs aren’t made out of dogs.

Somehow, Yahoo Search has taken over my Google Search on Firefox, which I like better. And now it has also taken over my Chrome Search, which also used to be Google Search.

I had Kevin fix it once but now the same thing has happened.

Nowadays I spend most of my time trying to make things just like they used to be and I am not getting very far.

Some readers may relate to this one:

Have I told you about my grandchildren? “No, and I sure appreciate it.”

A farm wife noticed a dozen roses on the table one day last week and immediately thought her husband had just bought another tractor. When in fact it was Valentines Day.

I didn’t receive a gift for Valentines Day but received something much better.

French Toast with strawberries and raspberries on top with Cool Whip and syrup with a couple of strips of bacon for breakfast.

I can’t top that and I suggested that maybe we do it again next year.

My plan for today is to download the radio delay app so that I can watch KU Basketball without listening to those annoying TV announcers. We listened to KU’s biased radio crew the other night at the Ranneys, and I really enjoyed the game much better with the Jayhawk IMG network guys. You know 100% who they are rooting for.

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