Keep your resolutions private

“Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.” -Hamza Yusuf

If a resolution is made on New Year’s Day and no one is there to hear it, does it exist? After all, they say revealing your resolutions will automatically void them and they’ll never come true.

Or is that birthday wishes?

Still, it may be wise to keep them to ourselves. Maybe it’s not the resolving but the revealing that kills them. If you don’t tell anyone and, despite your best intentions, end up failing miserably, who will know the difference? Just you – and you can go easy on yourself.

If you still feel obligated to resolve something, one approach is to go ahead and do it in the privacy of your own mind, eliminating any possibility of public disappointment.

After all, if you walk around with a swimsuit catalog, showing everyone the big red circle around the two-piece you’ll definitely fit into by next summer, you may be sabotaging yourself.

While revealing your goal won’t necessarily change your odds of reaching it, the public awareness you threw out there just might.

This low-key approach is good for guilt-ridden people who can’t stomach the thought of disappointing anyone.

The alternative is to share your resolutions with the world and hope it swings the other way, drumming up some self-motivation. Maybe you’ll be inspired by the chance of showing your friends and family just how dedicated you are to your cause.

This too seems to be a good approach for guilt-ridden people who can’t stomach the thought of disappointing anyone.

This dilemma is why I don’t bother with big resolutions. I can appreciate the chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, but I don’t think January is a magical time of year when the path to a goal is suddenly paved in gold with flashing arrows pointing the way.

Like most disasters and successes, real change tends to happen at unexpected times.

Big goals are can be too intimidating, especially this time of year. We just made it through another busy holiday season. We’ll be transitioning out of comfort food season for a good three to four months. Nobody can think clearly in these trying times.

Instead of resolving overwhelming goals that may or may not be met, maybe we should aim a little lower and find satisfaction in smaller accomplishments.

Finally cleaned out your closet and threw away those old shoes? Well, by all means, go get yourself a new pair.

Small could be a word. This is a New Year’s resolution of sorts that I am on board with. Pick a word for the year and base your decisions around it. Last year my word was Intention. I didn’t always refer back to my foundational word, but I did have some moments. This year, mine is Evolve, which is perfect for many reasons. Evolution takes time and you can’t rush time.

A word is share-worthy and can be done without “resolving” to do specific things. A word is simple and powerful and easy to share.

The intricacies of that word are all yours – no explanations, no promises, no guilt-ridden resolve, for that matter, required.

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