Change can be visible or internal

?I?ve been thinking ?bout catching a train. Leave my phone machine by the radar range. Hello it?s me, I?m not at home. If you?d like to reach me, leave me alone.? ??A Change (Will Do You Good)? by Sheryl Crow

Change can save gas?or a random beating: The historical purpose of Black Friday is to save money, to find the deal of the season, to get that adrenaline rush, that shopper?s high. (Some of you know what I?m talking about.)

But in the past several years, it?s taken on a whole new meaning. Now it?s more about survival than deals. Literally survival if you?re in the right Wal-Mart at the right time.

I don?t know the specifics of Wal-Mart?s benefits package but they might consider upping their worker?s comp coverage or death benefits. The New York Times reported that 2,000 people trampled over the employee whose job it was to unlock the front door.

What was in Wal-Mart?s ad anyway?

I haven?t mustered the motivation to hit the store at 5 a.m. in a long, long time. I don?t know if it?s the call of my warm bed, the fact I?d have to drive an hour to hit the sales, requiring me to get up that much earlier, or the fear I might end up in a fistfight over a Webkinz.

On any given day, I?d rather walk down the street or log into an online store and wait for the Fed-Ex guy to place the box in my hand. Nobody empties their gas tank and nobody gets flattened. Change can be good.

Change can shake up your morning: There are people who thrive on variety. Then there are people who settle into the comfort of familiarity. After eight years at one job, I recently switched to another.

Something as simple as which way you turn out of your driveway every morning can tell you something about yourself. I know people who have been at one job for much longer than eight years, but it was still a tough decision to make. I was used to a left turn. Now I turn right. Change can be tricky.

Change can be visible?or not: Matchbox Twenty, the be-all and end-all contemporary group of lyric writing in my biased and untrained opinion, explained internal changes in their song ?Mad Season? in terms so basic, they have to be right.

?I feel stupid but it?s something that comes and goes. I?ve been changing?think it?s funny how no one knows….We don?t talk about?the little things that we do without. When that whole mad season comes around?.?

If someone loses weight, the change is obvious. They look thinner. If someone buys a new house, it?s obvious. They have a new address. If someone has a baby, that?s obvious, too. They?re pushing a stroller.

But you can be sure there are some internal changes going on at the same time. Or internal changes can happen on their own, undetectable to untrained or uninterested eye.

Everybody has their own personal ?mad seasons.? Maybe the biggest changes are ones you can?t see.?

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