Zwiebach as good as truffles

I saw a segment on “CBS Sunday Morning” about truffles, which is a very expensive garnishment. It is a root and grows in just a few places in the world, such as the forests of central and northern Italy. According to the show, truffles come in white and black. And they are seasonal.

Dogs are used to sniff the little root/tuber out for harvesting to be served by hoity-toity chefs in famous world kitchens.

I got to thinking: Who needs truffles when you can have zwiebach?

Looks like age trumped youth in the Super Bowl. I have never seen a game like that one in my life.

I read in Wired Maga­zine that if the Falcons had changed their fast style of play and took more time off of the clock with each down, the Pat­riots would never have had time to mount the comeback.

In fact the article said the Falcons snapped the ball every time with more than 10 seconds left on the play clock.

Rod’s Tire pancake feed Feb. 8 was a huge success by the length of the lines we experienced waiting to get our pancakes.

I stopped to thank Rod after lunch and he told me it has become more than an appreciation dinner. He said people he knew from both Lindsborg and Marion who were classmates in high school and college found each other there at the pancake feed, not knowing the other was coming to the event.

So it is a reunion of sorts, too. I know there are folks there who don’t see each other that often.

My favorite Super Bowl commercial was toward the end of the game; it may have been only 15 seconds long.

It was the one where Jeffrey Dean Morgan took Lucille wrapped in barbed wire and smashed a football with all of the air gushing out of it with voice -over saying that “Football is over.” An ad for the “Walking Dead” TV show.

The only reason I have experience with the “Walk­ing Dead” is that our grandsons in Atlanta know some of the cast members who live in their neighborhood.

Phoebe Janzen’s books arrived ahead of schedule this past week and they are gorgeous. Hope you were able to make one of the book signings around the county. If you missed them, you can still get a book.

I hadn’t been to Ells­worth for more than 30 or 40 years. Got my chance last week. My driver took me there and I spent the day in a business meeting.

Facebook isn’t for keeping up with friends and family anymore. It’s now the place for vicious attacks on thing or people.It’s much easier and quicker to make noise with a click of a mouse than to call someone out in person. And you don’t have to be original. You can take what someone else posted and pass it on.

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