Wranglers a big hit at Florence

A touch of Ameri?cana was on display Sunday night during the Florence Labor Day celebration. We had never heard the Prairie (no longer Rose) Wranglers before, and after talking with others we were apparently the only ones who hadn?t.

It was a genius move on the part of the committee to bring them to town. These cowboy musicians are very talented and put out a great sound. And they are funny to boot. It was my kind of humor.

The crowd was huge with many familiar faces from all over the county and beyond.

And the weather cooperated 100 percent.

  • We took in the hog roast, too, which was mighty tasty. The organizers said they figured on serving 700 meals and sold out in about an hour.

  • After the Wranglers it was on to the fireworks at Marion County Lake. The Marion County Firefighters are on to something, too, with their Labor Day weekend event and show.

  • Our Jayhawks and Wildcats made great showings in their respective first night out this season. I really thought K-State would pull off a win. The game was about two minutes too long for it to happen.

    It?s always great to see the underdog pull off a big upset. Michigan learned that anybody can beat anybody when a lesser known makes up its mind.

  • Up until Saturday night I thought Auburn University was in Georgia. But it?s not. It?s located in Alabama.

  • Lately it seems as though there is a fly buzzing around in every room I go into. Is that what happens in fall or did all of the rain we had earlier in the summer caused the little winged varmits to explode in numbers.

  • ?Ultra Slim? Orin Friesen of the Prairie Wranglers was a hall mate on Second West in Goering Hall while we were freshmen at Bethel College in 1964-65.

    I went up to him after the show to see if he remembered those days and he did. We hadn?t seen each other since then.

  • What is the difference between a fly and a bird? A bird can fly but a fly can?t bird!

  • I have a publisher friend up in Dyersville, Iowa, which is where the ?Field of Dreams? movie was made. A tourist attraction marks the spot where the movie was filmed in the early ?90s. Since then, a group of Ghost Players still comes out of the cornfield every Sunday in season to entertain the tourists.

    We exchange newspapers, and in the most recent edition of her paper I read where the Field of Dreams was owned by two different families. Just recently the owner of the house and the infield bought left and center fields from the other party.

  • P.H. Schroeder and his wife lived in the big house at the corner of Grand and Jefferson when I was in high school. He had worked in the Schaefflers? store if I remember right.

    I think he was in his 80s when I was asked to chauffer him and his wife to church on Sundays. I would walk over to their house and pull their Pontiac out of the garage up to the back door and then off we?d go.

    He would give me a 50? tip when we arrived at church and then suggest what I might do with it during the service later that morning.

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