World cup connection makes for fun wrinkle

With the Women’s World Cup in Soccer going on these days I can’t help but drop a name. We have met the USA Women’s coach, Jill Ellis, who is a friend of our niece Whitney on one of our trips to LA.

Whitney is an attorney and works for a sports management group in LA and just happens to be in Paris, where the World Cup is being played. The U.S. team is doing well with a record of 4-0 as of June 24. Whit­ney represents players on the U.S. team.

I thought I did so good on the front door of the house I had the moxie to paint the trim around the shop doors that only had primer on them for the past five years.

When I finished that job I noticed that the door now needs a coat of white. too.

The next project was to replace the slats on the back porch that were starting to come apart.

When George and Alex were here, I had them pull down some cedar 2×2’s I had saved for some purpose, and the porch was the perfect spot to use them up.

It took three days to do it, but it is finished now—when I pull out all of the bent over nails that happened because I have no sense it seems.

Nailing those 2×2’s was easy until my nail guns quit working and I had to use a hammer. It’s hard to hit nails on the head when one can’t see what you are trying to hit.

The reason my nail guns quit is that I forgot to turn on my compressor. There was plenty of air pressure as it was fully charged when I started but then gradually lost pressure until the nail guns wouldn’t work at all. It was a much easier task when the compressor was turned on again.

What does one do when he can’t find his cell phone. We tried calling it and
didn’t hear it ring. I know I had it the night before because I used it in my recliner.

We literally turned the recliner upside down and still no phone.

If you see me walking to town one of these days it’s because Nancy wouldn’t take me. Since I am not driving anymore, I feel like I am ten years old again and have to beg my mom to take me somewhere.

This may be a slight exaggeration, but mostly true. I hope she doesn’t see this. Nancy that is. Oops, she just did.

Well we found my phone. It was in my workshop and I don’t remember leaving it there. One thing that I have that works well all the time is my forgetter.

So this guy’s reading a horror story in braille. He says, “Something bad is going to happen. I can just feel it.”

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