Working through a late start

In 16 years we have never received a call from our printer like we got last Tuesday morning.

The word at 6:45 a.m. was that they had been having problems with their server and hadn?t been able to make any plates for the press yet. This was unsettling because our truck is usually on its way back by that time.

So we?d like to thank our inserting crew, staff, delivery people and all of our area post offices for their assistance in making it tolerable. The insert crew went home, and when we knew when we might have papers, we called them back. This was without knowing that the printer was also having press problems.

So we didn?t get papers back to Hillsboro until about 2 p.m.?the normal time we are about finishing up. Again we thank all who are involved in making sure that 7,000-plus papers are delivered where they need to go on Tuesday, and in this case some were hauled to area post offices on Wednes?day morning.

We ran the usual three routes and I think avoided almost any delays this past week.


We have been scanning photos in Harvey County for a veterans tribute book we are doing for that county.

We have scheduled sessions in many of the retirement homes there and several World War II vets have come to see us.

One afternoon I met a 92-year-old, at least that is how old he thought he was, who served in Germany. He said he grew up in Clements and had worked for the South?ern Star Gas Pipeline Co. during his working years after the war.

His memory isn?t what it used to be and that bothers him. His wife of 69 years came with him and they were a delight to visit with.

He told a joke he remembered: ?There are three things I can?t remember: Faces, names and I can?t think of the other one.? He said it makes him laugh every time he tells it. It made me laugh. I told him he could be a stand-up comedian.


You have heard of the waving wheat of Kansas. Well, this year it can?t wave because it?s too short.

The yields might still be pretty decent. That is, if the headers can get low enough to get it. Even ground might be OK, but it may be problematic on rolling ground with the large headers on combines these days.


I received my letter from the Red Cross this week letting me know that I can donate blood again because the issue they had with my blood in the past is no longer problematic. I tried to donate again in my shop this past Saturday night, but again had no way to catch any of it.

I don?t know how this happens, but I got my leg caught between my ladder and a tree stump trying to put the finishing touches on the trim which I finished finally. Now with a little more caulk and some paint, the building is good to go.

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