With kids gone, no tree needed


When the kids were still at home we always had the Christmas tree up by Dan?s birth?day in early December. Now that they are gone from home, the tree has become optional if they are not going to be here.

One year, when we were living on Adams Street, the stupid tree just wouldn?t stay standing straight. Since we had carpeting, and I knew there wasn?t hardwood flooring under neath it, the simplest way to fix this problem was to nail the stand to the floor. Isn?t that what everybody does?


I know the holiday season can be a stressful time, especially for the moms and grandmothers who are trying to work and still have everything ready at home for friends and family.

It?s also stressful so for younger couples who have to try to meet obligations on both sides of the family.

If I had good advice to give, I would. But since I don?t?wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?in spite of the challenges.


I am not sure if this is always the case, but if you have a cell phone from another area of the country with a different area code than here and dial 911 (even though you live in this area now) the call may go back to where you came from and not the local 911 jurisdiction.

I checked with our local Verizon store and was told if you have Verizon service, dial *228 and it will set the phone to this local area.

I do not recommend calling 9-1-1 to find out where the call will go.


If you use the microwave oven a lot like I do, it?s a pain to cover the food every time.

Recently, I wanted to warm up some spaghetti, so I put the sauce on the bottom of the plate, thinking that the spaghetti on top of it would prevent the sauce from spattering the inside of the microwave. Well, it didn?t work. The meat sauce found its way through the pasta covering.


Here?s what I was thinking after a technology screw-up last week: ?Let?s go back to the Stone Age. I don?t even want wheels. Let?s just drag stuff.?


They have finally made my kind of potato chip: vinegar with sea salt. I could become addicted to these little morsels.

And Christmas came early for me: three jars of pickles came home from the grocery store.


It?s been quite a busy year, so I haven?t finished the all-school reunion videos until now.

You can see a slide show of candid shots, a video of Ralph Seibel and his Atlanta Connec?tion music group and former football coach Arlo Buller?s talk during the 2011 event.

We?ve also added several more HHS yearbooks online. To see it all, go to the Free Press home page and click on the All School Reunion tile on the right hand side of the page (or click on the one right below). It looks like this:



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