With age, less value for shaving

The older I get, the less interest I have in shaving. I find it to be a real painful operation most times. Not painful like hurting, but time that could be spent doing other things.

That is why I shave about every other day. Sometimes I let it go for three, but it depends on where I need to go and whom I’ll be seeing.

I have had people ask me if I am growing my hair long. It grows if you want it to or not. The only way to control the length of your hair is how often you get it cut.

Speaking of cutting my hair, the only place I have had a haircut since the early 1980s is Randy Wiens’ Silver Shears barbershop—when he first moved to town. With an average of 12 visits per year that would be more than 400 haircuts during his time in Hillsboro.

I am sure other guys in the area could say the same thing.

Next month the Free Press will be completing 18 full years in business serving Marion County and beyond. With Joey and Lindsey Young purchasing my majority interest in 2014, it has become Kansas Publishing Ventures, LLC, formerly known as Print Source Direct, LLC.

I am amazed at the dedication of the company’s employees with the number of full-time having grown to 14 and at least 11 part-time employees including me.

We started with three full time employees in 1998 and a couple of part-timers back then. As the business grew, it took more people to keep up with the growth.

Joey and Lindsey brought the Clarion along with them when they purchased the company, and then last year started the new weekly newspaper in Newton called Newton Now, which has had a phenomenal beginning. It attained periodical status last week, which has positioned that newspaper for steady growth indefinitely into the future, in my opinion.

Add the magazine, Harvey County Now, and the monthly advertising promotional piece, The Edge, plus a host of special projects like Marion County Resource Guide and others…well, who knows where it will all lead. None of this could or would have happened without the support and interest of our many readers and advertisers.

The fair is just around the corner. That means we are in for some rain, as I believe it has rained during the fair almost every year. For someone who can’t remember what he already forgot, it just sort of stands out in my mind.

It has occurred to me that eating “Mennonite” foods is not a healthy way to go. New Year’s Cookies, verenika and ham gravy, zwiebach and all kinds of rolls, pies and other sweet stuff can clog arteries.

Luckily, we have Lipitor and other pills that can offset the damage that these types of food can cause.

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