Window gives new outlook

When a new win?dow goes in downtown, a lot of people notice.

We have always wished for a window on the street side of our apartment?not only for ventilation but for natural light in the bedroom end of our living quarters and another way out in case of emergency.

Jake Wiebe and crew were responsible for making it happen. It wasn?t easy to cut through brick, cinder block and sheetrock to make the opening. As we watched the process unfold it was quite an amazing operation and took a bit of engineering on their part.

Having morning sun after not having it for seven years is very uplifting. Plus, I wake up at least an hour earlier with the natural daylight.

When I asked Jake how many windows he had installed in his career, he estimated it was now in excess of 10,000. This one was the best one I?d seen.

And now I can look out the window and see the time and temperature on the bank without my glasses.


We took in most of the music acts at Chingawassa Days. I especially enjoyed Six Appeal, which was terrific on stage. Then I bought a CD and the sound is even better.

My age must be getting the best of me. ?Loud? isn?t what it once was, but there was something for everyone.

We went back on Saturday night for the Bellamy Brothers, who put on a terrific show. They obviously have been doing this for a while and were showmen in every sense of the word. The weather was perfect, and a full moon nestled between the branches of the trees. All ages were eating this one up big time. We even found a park bench that wasn?t occupied right close to the stage, which put the frosting on the cake.


We needed to move some things out while the window was installed. While putting them back over the weekend we found a box marked ?centennial.? In it we found several old buttons for the event and even a bow tie stamped with the dates.


When we were married 42 years ago on June 8 I had no idea we would be living in Hillsboro ever again. It just wasn?t anything we thought we would ever consider. And now we have been here for the past 32 years and wondering where all of the time went.


Sometime when I get the nerve I will write about a really goofy thing that happened.

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