Where is the outrage about feds?

It seems to me there aren?t many people who are as fed up with Wash?ing?ton as I am?especially when it comes to the recent bailout fever. Where will this end?

The bailout isn?t really about helping Main Street. It is about helping executives who are in bed with many of our congressional leaders from both parties under the guise of helping Main Street.

The fact that pork spending was added to the first bailout package to get it to pass is unconscionable.

Where is the outrage?

Those who agree with me seem to think there is nothing we can do about it. Given the entrenchment of our politicians in Con?gress there really isn?t much hope for any meaningful change. Incumbents have a war chest before the elections ever begin so a challenger has an extremely difficult time making a successful run for office.

There is plenty of blame to pass around and it can go back for decades.

If you think the credit situation is serious wait until Social Security implodes on itself. Instead of investing our deductions for retirement benefits our Congress has been spending it faster than it comes in. Some figures I have seen show that Social Security is trillions in the hole.

The only way it functions at all is that collections are still ahead of what is paid out but that is coming to an end unless something is done about it. Either taxes will need to be much higher on those who are still working or reduced benefits will need to be considered.

Where is the outrage?

Congress invented class warfare with a two-tier system. One for them and one for the rest of us. They have the best health care plan, automatic raises (voted for or not), and even when the country is broke, a retirement system that makes everyone else?s look cheap and it comes from our taxes, not anything they have created or invested.

They travel the world (called junkets) on taxpayer dollars. They hold up legislation for political gain. They spend millions and millions on ?bring home the bacon? projects that never see the light of day or debate or public scrutiny.

Where is the outrage?

Does anyone remember the stimulus package that taxpayers were given several months ago? You know, the one that doled out checks to citizens ranging from $300 to $1,200 depending on your status. It was money that the U.S. government didn?t have. It borrowed it and then made it part of the biggest deficit ever, which we now owe. Kind of like a fireworks show. Fun for about 10 minutes but didn?t fix anything.

Where is the outrage?


I saw an interesting segment on ?60 Minutes? about the oil cartel in Saudi Arabia. They export oil and the United States is their largest customer.

They don?t seem to be worried about losing their biggest customer and its oil business. They don?t believe the alternative energy sources are viable and won?t have much impact for at least 30 years, if that soon.

They are working on internal combustion engines that are much more efficient and more ?green.? And they are going after more oil like there is no tomorrow.

So if consumption goes down here like it has, and their supply is going up, won?t that make oil even cheaper? Guess we?ll have to see what happens. They probably made enough in 2008 to fund these aggressive moves for years to come.

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