Where is our Kansas wind?

Anyone else notice the lack of wind these days? Hope Mother Nature isn?t saving it up for winter.

So far the weather has been perfect for all of the football games, the weekend festivals?just nothing but ideal conditions.

Ah, but just wait. I read that in the upcoming week the party is over for summer weather.


After 35 years it was time I bought a new AV receiver since the old one was starting to act its age. Lots of hissing and spitting sounds as the contacts were getting bad.

Except the new receivers aren?t nearly as simple to operate. The solution was to call brother Mark. Several weeks ago, he told me he wasn?t going to be able to watch KU on his satellite package.

And this past weekend was close to his big 6-0 birthday, so it was a perfect opportunity to have him come and show me how to operate my new system.

He even knows how to read the owner?s manual. When I look at it. the text looks like a foreign language.


Sometimes I get asked questions that sort of stop me in my tracks, such as, ?Do you censor what goes into the Free Press??

I won?t use any names, but I was told someone said they would run an ad in the paper to get someone removed from their position. The question was whether we would run the ad.

I said that had already been done recently in our paper. And then the remark was made that we probably ran that one ?because we agreed with the premise of the advertisement.?

I replied that we ran the ad because it contained wording that indicated the ad was paid, and who paid for it. Don?t assume we agree with what ads say simply because they run in our newspaper.

We do, however, pay attention to whether the wording creates the potential for libel.

The ad to which I referred asks the county commissioners to remove our county appraiser from office and seeks support from others who agree.

I have had one encounter with Cindy Magill in my life and it was cordial; she was helpful with information I was seeking at the time.

On other occasions I have found the appraiser?s office to be helpful.

On one occasion, I protested my taxes and an adjustment was made through the normal channels.


Not everyone gets along all of the time. That just stands to reason.

There are usually two sides to every story and unless you can see things firsthand, it isn?t productive to get involved with other people?s business.

In this country, it is everyone?s right to protest or take action if one chooses to do so.


I felt strongly about the jail issue and the sales tax to pay for it in the past election, and was motivated to try to stop the sales tax idea because I believed it would do irreparable harm to our local economy.

Those who were for it had every right to campaign for passage.


New Year?s cookies are good twice a year?in September and in January.

It?s a shame that with all of the great food choices at the Arts & Crafts Fair one can?t take it all in. Maybe I can get some bierrocks and sausage sandwiches next year.

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