Where are the happy hills at? 

There was a big discussion at our Wednes­day night meal at church the other night about where the happy hills are south of town.

I say it is 160th and some said it was the blacktop or 150th. I’m planning a trip out there to see for myself (so you don’t need to go) if I’m right or wrong.

If someone knows who named them the happy hills I would like to hear from you and what road is the real happy hills. My email is at the end of this column.

I know there was a road east and north of town, before the reservoir was put in, where the road was almost like driving off of a cliff going north. I know of some guys used to take their dates out there and drive that road and get almost airborne or maybe a little airborne.

If someone could clue me in about this one, I would appreciate it a lot.

This is hard for me to believe, but I have been out of high school for 55 years this spring and out of college for 51 years.

I don’t know why this is, but I seem to reminisce about the old days the older I get. Maybe it is because I’d like to be young again.

I’ve done a few crazy things in my past, but yet I am still here. It makes me think that I’ve also done a few things right and appreciate being helped by many people along the way.

I remember one January back in the ’60s, I was helping put chairs in a pickup outside the Tabor College gymnasium after a program on a Sunday night.

It was really cold that night and I think we had taken chairs from our church and Trinity church to have enough chairs for the event and we were loading them to take back to the respective churches from where they came..

I remember saying something like “It’s cold enough to freeze the _ _ _ _ _ off a billiard table.”

I will never forget John R. Nickel saying, Who said that?” just like it was yesterday. My first thought was that I was in big trouble, then he laughed right after saying it.

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A guy and a gal who were both invisible got married.

Their children weren’t much to look at either.

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