When faces ring a bell…

One thing that always worries me when we have the all-school reunion is that I will see someone whose face is familiar but I can?t put a name with it.

There is the old saying that I don?t know who that is but his face rings a bell.


Way back in olden times a monastery was looking for a bell ringer to keep the town current on the time by ringing the bell on the hour each day.

A respectable young man applied for the job but did not have any arms. The monk asked him how he planned to take care of ringing the bell each day at the proper time. The young man said he would demonstrate how he would ring the bell. So they both traipsed up the stairs to the bell tower and he leaned back and smashed into the bell with his face making a beautiful ring. So he was hired.

One day he was going down the stairs from the bell tower to ground level and tripped and fell over the edge of the open stairway and was lying dead in the courtyard below.

A crowd gathered around and many wondered who this person could be. Finally someone said, ?I don?t know his name, but his face rings a bell.?


The monastery was now in need of another bell ringer. The deceased bell ringer?s twin brother applied and also got the job.

After many months of climbing the stairs to the bell tower and ringing the bell, he too tripped and fell into the courtyard and lay motionless on the ground.

Again a crowd gathered around and many wondered who this person could be. Finally someone said, ?I don?t know his name, but he is a dead ringer for his brother.?


I?m not bragging, but I made some sweet potato pancakes the other Sunday morning and I must say they were mighty tasty.

You just add water to the mix and the finish is a nice, smooth and crispy outside and the insides were just a little gooey. Next time I will turn down the heat just a bit to deal with the insides.


It was great to see many of my classmates again over this past weekend. I recognized all of them, but I had an unfair advantage as I had been working on a booklet about them for the past couple of months.

There were several who hadn?t changed much at all and looked like they did 50 years ago. I would mention names but that wouldn?t be fair to others, would it?

The problem with a one-day reunion is you really don?t get to talk with all of them for any length of time. A lot of things mentioned I remembered, but some of it not so much. If we had more time, we could have gotten to the bottom of it.


My dad?s name came up a couple of times and the words spoken were that he was very supportive of people. It was good to hear. He has been gone since 1990.

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