We’re glad for a good wheat crop

We?re glad our friends on the farm have had a very good wheat crop at this juncture of the growing season, and with very good prices to boot. In these parts we?ve managed to avoid most of the bad weather that seemed to hit all around us.

Now on to the fall crops and even better prices. Who wouldn?t like a bumper crop of beans at more than $14 per bushel?


Gambling on a big scale has always been in Kansas. Not the CasiNO type, but out in the field.

I don?t know if I could go through what our Kansas farmers do each year. Not knowing if the rain will come, whether the hail and wind will hit or even if there is too much rain and the timing of it?not to mention all of the diseases that come with the whole growing cycle depending on a million different conditions. All of the above is in addition to keeping the equipment running in good order.


I was checking out my computer mouse the other night and put my thumb over the infrared sensor on the bottom of it. My thumb nail had this eerie red glow that was stunning.


Several year ago I wrote that one of my eyeballs was smaller than the other. Later, folks told me they found themselves checking their own eyeballs.


You will notice this week that the Marion County Fair special section included with this week?s Free Press does not have the rules and regulations or the entry information as it has in past years.

A special ?Fair Book? was produced in early June detailing this information and handed out to the 4-H members and open class entrants. And it was available around the county at various banks and other locations.

If you didn?t get one and still need one, we have a few left at the Free Press, or check the advertisement on Page 13 of the special section inserted in this week?s edition. We thank our advertisers for making the county fair information available in these publications.


Son Dan sent me an e-mail over the weekend with a link to a story about Joe Bob Clements, who has just been named the defensive line coach at KU.

Wildcat fans will remember Joe Bob as a walk-on from Emporia who did quite well under Bill Snyder. It was Mark Mangino who gave him the opportunity at K-State and it?s Mangino giving him the chance to succeed at KU.

Dan knows him from the ?Yes I Can? summer camp at Emporia State, where they were roommates as junior high kids. Joe Bob is also Sara Hill?s nephew.


As I drove through the county last week delivering our papers to area post offices, I noticed many more semi trucks parked along the fields than I remember seeing in the past. Are the yields are getting bigger or do farmers have more acres to harvest and need more capacity?


When I was in high school and helped my uncle with harvest in McPherson County, we hauled wheat in a half-ton pickup truck with a special bin that sloped to the back of the bed so the grain would slide out on its own.


I read where gas mileage really starts to suffer when speeds exceed 60 mph. We tend to be slow learners as Americans, myself included, and don?t take advantage of this information.

With our competitive nature, it doesn?t feel right when everyone is passing us on the highway.

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