Weather report no snow job

  • We were away during the big snow of April ?07 last week. We heard reports of 6 to 7 inches in Hillsboro. When we got back to Kansas late Saturday night, we started to think everyone had been pulling our leg. Where was all of the snow since it was also supposed to have been 16 degrees? When daylight arrived on Sunday, we saw the telltale signs that something really had happened.

  • Memorial Day and summer travel isn?t far off. You can tell it?s coming because gasoline prices have been steadily inching upward for the past few weeks.

  • We had a great time in Atlanta visiting the Camelis. If we aren?t careful, the grandsons will be all grown up before we know it. The youngest, Louis, is turning 7 later this month.

  • We decided to take him out shopping for a birthday present, and he was set on a new bicycle helmet since the one he had was too small.

  • A trip to one of the big box stores (the one with concentric red circles) ended in frustration. No one to help fit his head, and packaging that wouldn?t really allow us to fit the helmet to his skull.

    The smart thing we did was head to a real bicycle shop where we could get some advice and help. The price was higher, but then what price is too much to ensure the safety of that precious little head?

  • One evening while dining out in Decatur, in walks Emily Saylors of the Indigo Girls. She didn?t stop to say hi or anything.

  • I spotted a contest for free airline tickets on the Airtran Web site. It is called ?Racing Danica Patrick.? Since the boys are coming to Kansas this summer, and since Alex is so good with games on the computer, I thought he might be able to win a couple of tickets.

    He tried the game but was ranked 126th after he finished. I found another contest in the Sunday Paper, which also features free airline tickets, so we?ll give that one a go, too.

  • We thought it would be fun to go to the Georgia Aquarium since we had never been there before. The boys had been there, so they could show us around.

    Apparently, everyone else in the region thought it would be fun to go there, too, on that day. The place was packed like sardines, although there weren?t any to be seen. There was absolutely no way to walk in a straight line without bumping into someone. Spring break may have had something to do with the massive attendance.

    Crowded or not, it was a sight to see. We spent nearly four hours taking it all in. We wondered what would happen if we showed up with a fishing pole.

  • I received a message last week that I didn?t mention B.J. Cross as a former owner of the City Cafe in the early ?60s. If my memory serves me right, he also sold and installed lightning rods in the area.

    Hillsboro was home to many car dealers when I was a kid. Bruno Goertz operated the Chevy and Olds dealership on North Main where Hillsboro State Bank, American Family Insurance and Real Estate Specialists are now. Art Balzer owned it for a year in 1961, then it passed on to Irv Schroeder.

    Otto Schroeder owned the Pontiac and GMC dealership on West Grand where Dale?s Supermarket parking lot is now. I think both dealerships also sold gasoline as well.

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