Weather is a game changer

I have never been to a sporting event where I had to go home because of lightning. In fact, when I was in high school or college I don’t believe there was any protocol for lightning shutting down activities.

One time when we played Augusta in football at the old Memorial football field, the game was called at the half because of the weather. It started out warm and then turned to a cold rain and the lights at the field kept exploding because of the cold against the hot bulbs. Not only did we lose the game, but the school I’m sure didn’t want to replace all of the bulbs and end the game in the dark.

It sure was different watching the game between Tabor and Bethel on a Sunday afternoon. When it started to rain, we went home and I watched the end of the Tabor blowout on TV via the video stream.

There was this business where the crusty old boss didn’t like to see people loafing. One day he goes to the back room and sees this kid leaning on the table doing nothing.

He asks the kid how much he makes a week and was told $150. So the boss disappears and soon comes back with $150 and hands it to the kid and tells him this is his last pay and not to come back. So the kid takes the money and leaves.

The boss then asks the other workers who that kid was and was told he was a delivery boy for a printer down the street and had just delivered some envelopes.

We switched back to Dish from DirecTV recently and the Dish DVR no longer allows for over-the-air channels to be run through the system like our old one did.

Therefore, watching KWCH weather channel 12.2 is a bit more difficult than before. I know how to do it, but not everyone in the household knows how.

I turned on the weather channel 12.2 over the air the other morning to see what to wear and if the rain was going to be ending soon.

What I did wrong was not to switch it back to regular TV.

The new Dish remote is smaller than before—not sure why that is and why it doesn’t control as much—but it now takes three remotes to run our system.

To complicate things more, we run everything through our Marantz tuner to get the big sound with the woofer and all.

Maybe I should just tape all three remotes together and see if that helps.

The Chiefs are looking good this year. That does not guarantee a trip to the Super Bowl as there are quite a few good teams this year.

Looking forward the annual HHS All-School Reunion this weekend. And looking forward to a day at school to see what the kids of today are up to in the classroom. Hope to see many old friends, and when I say “old” it is literal.

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