We need fiber Internet

I have been asked to do something about the fact that we do not yet have fiber Internet in Hillsboro.

Yes, I know we do have fiber in select areas of town and to a few large industries, but the average guy on the street and the residential areas have been left out. Tell me, who has $2,500 lying around to get fiber brought to his business or house?

If Hillsboro wants to bring young families to town, as well as companies that need and use fast Inter­net, and keep them here, it is time to get serious about having fiber Internet set up as a utility, just like water and electricity. And at an affordable price.

I have seen ads for fiber Internet in Moundridge, Inman, Buhler, Haven, Mount Hope, Yoder and Bentley (yes, Bentley) for less than DSL prices with speeds to make you happy.

Many private companies out there already have the knowledge of how to install fiber networks. They are Home Telephone of Galva, TCT of Council Grove and IdeaTek of Buhler. These companies are making it happen in towns that are much smaller than Hills­boro.

The city of Hillsboro could also make this happen. Towns like Chanute have made fiber a utility. And while we are at it, why not have Wi-Fi all over town for anyone to use. Then I’d say for sure we are connected.

Can you imagine watching Netflix without the streaming video chunking up and spoiling the viewing experience? Or having Internet phones that would really work well?

I am asking anyone out there who has interest in bringing fiber to town to contact me, and we will form a committee to make this happen. Just email me. Please do so right away and no later than Aug. 10. My address is at the end of this column. I can tell you now that it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be well worth it for the future of the city.

I wish someone would have told me it was crazy to have hundreds of books and other printed materials that we have printed over the years on display in our fair booth. Books are very heavy and I think I may have had at least 500 pounds in our booth at the fair.

Setting up was pretty hard but tearing down was going to be harder, I thought, until these two very nice young women from Goessel offered to help me get everything back to my truck. I believe they were 4-Hers, as I told them it was a nice offer but that they really didn’t need to. They were firm in their offer and stayed to help.

In retrospect I couldn’t have done it alone. When they had finished loading the big tubs of books in the back of my truck, I offered to buy them something to eat or drink and they declined. I had two big tables left to load on top of everything and yet another person offered to help me throw those on top of everything else. Can’t beat the people of Marion County.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@

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