We keep adapting to change

I’ve worn a medical alert held up by a chain around my neck going on a dozen years now.

It lists the drugs I take to thin my blood, stuff I am allergic to and contact information. The chains I have used over the years have always torn for some reason, and since they were quite thin, they were no match for everyday activities.

Then my wife got the bright idea that we should get one of those chains used for ceiling fans. Presto. No more trouble.

And it is long enough to easily fit over my head.

Almost everyone my age or older has had cataract surgery or is about to have it sooner or later.

I had my right eye fixed this past week and my left eye is scheduled for next month.

I was amazed at how easy and painless it was for the doctor to take out the old lens and put in a new one.

Since it was on Hallo­ween he dressed up like a doctor and I dressed up like a patient.

I was awake for the entire time, although I thought I might be in la-la land. They said hold very still and that was easy. What else could I do?

The Cubs are my favorite team now because I like to go with a winner. We never watch baseball during the season but usually do during the World Series. In fact, most years I don’t even know who is in the Series until it begins.

The most interesting thing I learned about this World Series is that the Cubs had not won a World Series since 1908, which is 108 years ago, and a baseball has 108 stitches in it.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. This was the Cubs’ year.

The last game was the best of all as it went to the wire and ended just before midnight.

It is such a slow game to watch that when I recorded some of the earlier games I could advance the game a full 30 seconds and not miss a thing.

I watch in awe of the giant wall that is going up across the street at Tabor College. It is no small feat what the crew is accomplishing with its unique block-laying skills.

It will soon look like a building as the steel trucks arrived in full force this past week.

I suddenly can’t think of the joke I was going to use this week. If I could think of it, you’d read it here.

If I can think of it before this goes to press, it will be inserted here and you won’t know what happened.

The weather has been incredible this fall. It is November and we haven’t tested the furnace yet to any degree. We may have taken the edge off of the cold twice so far and that was only for a few minutes in the morning.

When it does get cold it will seem much colder than it really is, because we haven’t had the time to get used to it.

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