We dodged a second snow bullet

The snow last Mon?day night was cause for concern. Not because it was supposed to pile up and blow. More because Dish wasn?t working and the KU-Iowa State game was about to begin.

I was beginning to panic about it, but then we were talking with Amy and I thought we could do FaceTime and she could show me the game from their TV in Atlanta on our iPad. Luckily, the signal finally came back on, even though it was only in standard definition. Small concession, as that is how we used to watch all TV shows before HD came into being.


Kudos to the city crews for their excellent work cleaning up the mess from the Monday night through Tuesday morning snow storm. By afternoon all of the roads were almost clear from the sun and its hefty work on the highways and backroads.

It was a rough ride to Valley Center at 5 a.m. last Tuesday to get the newspapers. The snow plows hadn?t even made it through on U.S. Highway 56 and Kansas Highway 15, so there was a lot of snow. There were tracks that I could drive in, though, kind of like train tracks. But they didn?t always go straight.

We still got the paper out on time thanks to our brave staff members who came in and got the job done.


Legislative coffees happen every year about this time. For the past 20-30 years, they have been on a Saturday morning at the city building. This year was no different, except the venue changed to the Scout House and our representatives are not the same people this time around. Gone are Rep. Brookens and Sen. Longbine. In are Sen. Emler and Rep. Schroeder.


The problems remain the same each year. Lack of enough money for the state of Kansas and shifting sands as to who will bear the brunt of the changes being contemplated.


Son Dan doesn?t have ESPNU, so we did a test run Sunday with the iPad showing him our TV on FaceTime?and it worked. The KU game is on that channel Mon?day night so that?s how he?ll get to watch the game on his computer.

I will have to stand the coffee table, or something similar, on end so I don?t have to stand there and hold the iPad for the entire game.

Since he doesn?t get home from work until about 5:30, I will record the game and show it to him when he gets home.


The subject of Gov. Brown?back?s plan to eliminate the state income tax came up at the legislative coffee. Not much credence was given to eliminating the income tax. One doesn?t pay income tax unless money is made. Property tax, which is most likely where the tax will get shifted, has to be paid whether one makes money or not.


It is no secret around our house that I have been known to keep shirts around for 20 years or more. Nancy has always threatened to get rid of them when I am not looking.

Now I know how she does it. Last week there were a bunch of her shirts on hangers on the floor to be taken to the Et Cetera Shop. She thanked me for taking them over there, then asked if I had known some of my shirts were mixed in.

I said, ?So that?s how you get rid of them.?


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