Water may be the next scarcity

I?m reading more and more about how water and its pending scarcity may become an even higher priority for the world than energy.

Lately I?m doing my part to save on water since I hardly ever wash my vehicles anymore.

The first few cars I owned were washed the moment any dust or dirt showed up on them. I even paid attention to the tires and either wiped them down with soap or something like Armorall.

Now it?s rare to spend much time washing them. And when I do, it is in the driveway with a bucket of water and the hose to rinse off.

The tires and wheels don?t get much attention, as it is getting harder to bend over that far.


We?d never had a white vehicle until recently. At first I didn?t like the color, or absence of it, but now white is growing on me. White vehicles don?t show the dust and dirt nearly as much, so that?s a good thing.


The perfect weather conditions for Saturday?s Arts & Crafts Fair cured all of the ills everyone experienced a year ago when the weather was the worst ever.

From what I heard up and down the street, everyone did very well as a whole. The crowd was strong after a slow start and continued that way for the rest of the day.

Now it?s time to start promoting the next one on Sept. 19, 2009. It will mark the 40th year, so that will make it even more special for our community.

If you are going somewhere where you can leave brochures or talk it up, it would be a good thing to do.


I was glad to see Katie Lohrenz, who came to the Arts & Crafts Fair with her mom and sister. Katie was an intern at the Free Press about three summers ago and is now working at the Wichita Eagle on the Web side with a section devoted to pets called WichitaPaws.com.


Last week I referenced video highlights of Gale Sayers, the Kansas Comet, on YouTube. When we went to link it to my column on the Internet, the video had been taken down with this message: ?This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.?

So the link I gave you didn?t work, but there are others that showcase his running ability if you just search Gale Sayers.


Public television has some neat special events to raise money, but also provides great entertainment.

A recent one on DooWop was so good I almost ordered the big package. Many of these groups are still performing and are still pretty good at it.


The latest news from Atlanta and the Camelis is about Wolfie, the new dog the boys had waiting for them when they got back from Kansas after the fair.

Seems that Wolfie always wanted to go along when the boys got a ride to school, but then he didn?t want to go anymore. Soon it was discovered why. After they left the house, Wolfie?s first move was to clean off anything that was left on the breakfast plates on the table.


If you have questions or want information about the proposed 1 percent sales tax to pay for a new law enforcement center and 72-bed jail-for-hire that will be on the ballot in November, then don?t miss the meetings scheduled for next week in Peabody, Sept. 29; Hillsboro, Sept. 30 and Marion, Oct. 2. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.

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