Watch the big groups for privacy

If you care about privacy on the internet you might be reading up on what the big boys like Google, Twitter and Facebook are doing to protect your information.

They are known for search and for social media but that is not all they are known for. They think that selling information about you is okay. With me it is not okay.

I have removed apps for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from my smartphone already. I have been unsubscribing from email that is choking my inbox lately. It is hard to get off the lists—at least I find it so.

Our email service is through Google mail because the mail is stored on their servers and not ours. I already have more than 11,000 emails on the server which now takes up 30GB of space.

I just upped it to 130GB of space because I didn’t want to go through all of those emails since 2010 and remove the ones not needed.

This also is because the email space required also includes attachments and images which in some cases may be very big—like up to 80-100GB.

Google also prevents spam from coming to my inbox which is a useful protection.

They have come up with very useful tools but at the same time be up to nefarious activity

I have always wanted to use the word “nefarious.”

I am beginning to become more of a Firefox fan for my web browser which is a part of Mozilla.

They have taken a stand on net neutrality and privacy on the internet which is why I like their stuff.

I have donated small amounts of money to their cause. And I have learned that whenever you donate money they come at you hard to get more out of you.

And I understand that is how it works. I can say no, too.

Firefox/Mozilla is working to keep the internet the same for everyone—net neutrality. And they are working toward making the internet private.

Don’t you just hate it when a video starts playing automatically when you go to a web site?” ESPN is a big offender on this. I hate when this happens but no more with a Firefox add-on.

Just search for Mozilla and you will find what to do and how to add the block the videos from automatically playing. Or click here.

Firefox is not a perfect browser, but in my opinion, way ahead of the rest.

And Stephen Wright once said, “You never need to worried about what the temperature of the room is, it is always room temperature.”

He also said, “Why does a person press harder on a remote-control when one knows that the batteries are dead?”

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