Visiting family in the south

By the time you read this we will have been to Georgia and North Carolina and back

The purpose of the trip was to go see Alex in Athens and Louis in Ashville where they are living and going to school.

From what we’ve heard things are going well and we will have had a chance to see for ourselves.We’ve talked about this trip so much that a lot of people think we had already gone and were back already

If the Hillsboro Police Department is looking for another spot to place the radar trailer that shows the speed of the cars, I would like to suggest South Lincoln between Grand Ave. and D Street.

For some time now it seems like a race track out there. I’m glad our kids are grown and gone but there are still some little ones in the neighborhood and I fear for their safety at times.

I got a call from the Hillsboro Clinic last month when I was told that my glucose numbers weren’t looking good and that I needed to lower my sugar intake which includes carbs too.

So, my wife, who says I don’t know anything about what is good for me and what isn’t, starts feeding me differently and suddenly I weigh about 12 pounds less. I think if my labs were run again now they would look much better.

To see how much 12 pounds is, I took some old newspapers and put them on the scale until they were a dozen pounds and strapped them together.

I was amazed at how much weight that is and how much extra I was carrying around day and night.

In fact, I carried that bundle of papers around for a while and it was very tiring.

The secret now is to keep those pounds off as my clothes fit better and I feel better.

Tabor College homecoming weekend was great weather to be outside watching football as was that Friday night for the Trojans final district football game.

The Friday night game didn’t turn out so good but the Tabor win was a nice one.

When No. 42 for Olpe left the game with an injury in the second half, the complexion of the game changed a great deal on both sides of the ball.

He was a great player, and I hope he is okay for the next games that Olpe most likely will play.

At first the Olpe team looked unsettled when he went out, but settled in after a while.

I’m thinking that quite a few people saw the “My Fair Lady” production put on in the new Shari Flaming Fine Arts Center on Tabor College campus.

I don’t claim to know much about musicals, but I thought that Tori Boyd stole the show. Tori is from Marion and a daughter of former Free Press staffer Tina Groening. Tori used to deliver papers in downtown Marion about ten years ago.

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