Veteran list tops 2,000 names now

When we began printing our Veterans Salute (pages 6 and 7) in Novem?ber 1999 we had about 800 names of Marion County veterans in our list.

Now, as we again recognize those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces this upcoming Memorial Day, we count more than 2,000 names.

We thank our veterans for their service to our country, and we thank the many readers who have provided additional names throughout the past 10 years. We welcome more that should be included.

It is with honor that we acknowledge the sacrifices our veterans and enlisted service men and women have made on our behalf.


This past week or so has been one like no other I have experienced for many years. Son Dan has been remodeling his house in Yakima, Wash., and needed an extra hand to help tear off old siding and replace with new, along with replacing windows and making window trim.

I had been lifting weights for about a month and half to get ready for the physical labor I was about to undertake. I didn?t want to turn into a rubber chicken over it.

It wasn?t enough preparation, but by the third day I was getting somewhat accustomed to it. Though my legs cried out every time, I took a step first thing in the morning.

With Tylenol and getting active for a few hours, I was able to overcome it.


First thing I did when I got to Seattle was head to Ivers for some clam chowder. It has kind of become a tradition with me to eat some every chance I get.


For lunch one day, we thought we would get takeout at New York Teriyaki and Burgers, a Japanese Restaurant. With a name like that, you kind of wonder what it will be like. I noticed there were quite a few police officers eating there, so figured it must be good. And the burgers really were.


The first time I fell was the second day. I was pulling a little framed thing off of the house when my feet got tangled up and I started to go backward. I knew a pile of old siding?with all of the nails and such protruding?was right behind me. So, I did a few desperate and awkward hops over the rubble and then rolled in the grass on the other side with nary a scratch.

The second time I fell was just a matter of being tired and trying to navigate uneven terrain.

I topped the falls with a big bump on the top of my head when I walked into the garage door. I couldn?t see it because of the cap I was wearing. It?s still a little crusty up there.


Dan and I decided to have a little fun and not work the whole time. So we headed out for Yakima Speedway. The featured races Saturday night were the Late Models, which are probably a third cousin to NASCAR, but they look for real and are quite fast.

We took a video from Dan?s phone, but then couldn?t get the file to our Macs with Bluetooth because the phone was unrecognizable. So, he sent it to my phone and I was able to get it to my computer for viewing.


If you want something interesting to do, stop by Hillsboro Furniture and look at the senior pictures in the window. They are from years past, such as 1959, 1969 and 1979. The sign in the window asks you to try to identify the persons in the photos.

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