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I took some time Friday night to remove the bugs that ended up on the front of our car after 4,307 miles that covered 10 states. It didn’t look pretty, and I was sure it would be quite a job to get them off.

So the first thing I did was Google how to get rid of them.

Four things were listed. The first was to use some bug remover manufactured by a large company. The second was to use dryer sheets, the third was to use WD-40 and the fourth was to use the old bug sponge and elbow grease.

I chose to use the fourth and cheapest method, and I have to say it worked pretty good, although I couldn’t use my right arm after that.

Speaking of bugs and insects, a web cam is mounted on what looks the roof of the Wohlgemuth Center at Tabor with what looks like a wasp crawling on the lens.

The cam shows the construction site for the new Shari Flaming Fine Arts Center 24/7 on All you do is scroll down a bit and you can find it. There is also an archived video of a time-lapse view of the site preparation of the site when the trees are removed prior to construction.

The web cam has no sound, but we have the actual sights and sounds for the web cam because we live across the street from the activity.

A couple of weeks ago while in Bend, Ore., we decided to see a movie matinee and were the only two seated in the theater the entire time it was showing.

I never keep track of gallons used or miles per gallon while on a trip. It will take the same amount of gas whether you check it or not, although I do know that the price of gasoline was the cheapest in Kansas than any other state.

Just before entering the Mohave Desert in California we paid $3.79 per gallon, which was the highest on the entire trip, but you never want to run out of gas in the desert as it is a long way to fuel.

One of the smartest things we did on the trip was buy the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass for $10. If you are over 62 years old, you are eligible for this pass. We bought it at Crater Lake, so four of us got in on that and then we got in the Arches National Park again with that pass when the normal admission is $25.

This isn’t made up but one of my arches started hurting while we were in Arches National Park. There are some pretty amazing rock formations near Moab, Utah.

Since we spent 11 days with family and nine days traveling, we had quite a few meals out. The best breakfast for the money by far was at Moab Grill.

After a day in Arches National Park, Glenwood Hot Springs was perfect.

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