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I have been challenged to make a few meals now and then and to clean up the kitchen, too.

I thought about making Russian Pancakes for a while and then pulled out the “Off the Mt. Lake Range” cookbook for the recipe and to read about my heritage.

They are also called Cherry Pancakes because you roll up tart pitted cherries inside of them and douse them with sugar, or you can skip the cherries and just use sugar.

I am tempted to try and make most of the things in that cookbook, but I’m thinking those are recipes for clogged arteries.

Many of them are deep fried, such as apple fritters, news year’s cookies, doughnuts and the like.

I think verenike might be OK if you boil them instead of fry them.

I have several hundred dollars worth of slacks in the closet that I haven’t been able to wear for a bunch of years, so decided to try them all on and see where I now stand.

I’m thinking I am 5 to 10 pounds away from fitting into them without lying on the bed to get them shut.

Every pair that was smaller than this set has already gone to the Et Cetera Shop. Eating the pancakes I mentioned above won’t help me wear those slacks again, unless I just eat one or two instead of five or more.

If you are wondering what Russian Pancakes are, you may have had them for breakfast when I was a guest chef at Little Pleasures Coffeehouse a few years back. I did it twice, if I remember correctly.

They are very thin pancakes made from very runny batter and 1/3 cup is all that it takes to make one that is the size of a small dinner plate, or probably a lunch plate if that makes any sense.

I had heard about these magic coffee tables and laundry baskets.

They are at my house, too. If I put a bowl or plate on the coffee table that I used to eat something while watching TV, the bowl or plate just disappear. And if I throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket, by the end of the day on Monday, they are clean and back on the bed for me to put away.

Our sink is magic, too. If I put dirty dishes in it by the next day they are gone and back in the cabinets all shiny and clean. I love how this happens all of the time. I would never leave here.

Oh, and I forgot about the magic iron we have. Shirts that have wrinkles suddenly appear on hangers back in the closet ready to wear.

I still haven’t thought of that joke, but this might be funny. A long time ago I wrote about the guy who went to Las Vegas in a $12,000 Cadillac and came home in a $55,000 Greyhound bus. Someone who lives here thought I was writing about a Hills­boro person and called a classmate in California to see if she knew who it was.

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