Upgrades mean buy more stuff

I have a new—rather an old—pet peeve. It makes me want to tear my hair out.

It really doesn’t matter which large corporation we talk about, they are always coming out with new products that require new accessories to use them.

When you upgrade your phone for example, the charger you had for the phone from the same company doesn’t work any more. You have to buy a new one or an adapter that fits both ends of the new situation.

I was all excited last Wednesday in our regular staff meeting when Patty said something, and I said it would make great column material. I even said it out loud.

This is now Wednesday afternoon and I thought I would take a run at my column for next week. But I couldn’t remember what she said, so I asked a few co-workers if they remembered, but they didn’t. So I asked Patty and she didn’t remember, so I went and asked Don and he couldn’t remember either.

So then I said since no one can remember, that also is column material. So now you know and we still don’t.

It’s amazing that humans can remember anything at all. Through my brain trauma, with my latest fall last December, I have a feeling that my short term memory took a hit and hasn’t fully recovered.

I have appointments coming up in May to see my Neurologist, my Botox doctor, and my Opthalmologist. I’ll see what they have to say about it.

Nancy left me at home while she went and celebrated a good friend’s 70th birthday on a girls’ weekend. This meant I could do anything I wanted as long as I stayed on the ground. No ladders, etc. Son Dan is coming soon to help with a project around the house so there are few things I got done while she was gone.

One of the best things that happens when Dan is here is that we get to go eat out at some great places.

I’m sure a lot of people will miss being able to call Lester Funk when their water heater is out, or their furnace won’t heat, or their AC won’t cool. I hear he and Donna are closing up shop soon if they haven’t already. He, his brothers (Larry and Ron have died) and son have been working hard taking care of us for many years.

Shelley finally came up with the topic that Patty brought up in the meeting last week that I thought was perfect column material.

It was May Day. When I was a kid in Minnesota and she was a youngster in Illinois, May Day a big thing. We would make May Baskets and take them to our friends’ front porch, then leave them and run.

My memory is really foggy on the May Pole. I think it was streamers of crepe paper and you grabbed the end of them and ran around in circles.

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