Ungers helped us a lot

All four Unger boys who grew up in Hillsboro have worked at our company at least one time: David, Mike, Matt and Andy.

Andy came back a second time to drive to Valley Offset to pick up the papers, run our ?South Route,? which is hauling mail sacks to area post offices, and to distribute rack copies for the Free Press and Buyer?s Edge. He also updated our website each week.

The boys were great while they were here, but now all are off doing other things. Taking Andy?s place this past week is our own Liz Janssen.


Since Liz wasn?t completely familiar with the South Route, I went along last week to make sure she found her way. Everything was going smoothly until we ran over a piece of fence post lying on the edge of the road on 40th between Pea?body and Burns.

I am not sure how that 8-inch piece of jagged metal (pictured here) found its way onto the roadway, but its sharp edges did a great job of blowing the right rear 10-ply tire on our truck.

Liz and I found all of the jack parts and proceeded to fix the tire?we thought. We had one big problem, though. The key for the spare tire was missing from the truck and we couldn?t replace the blown tire.

I could see the Burns water tower in the distance and knew there was a tire shop in town. I called Jor?dan Needham and told him of our plight.

We decided to have him send someone out to get the blown tire and put on a used one to get us to the finish line. The person he sent was none other than his brother, William. (We named him Prince William.) He picked us up, then drove us to every drop-off stop in Burns before going to the tire shop: Express Tires Plus, LLC.

Once the replacement tire was aired up, he took us back to our truck and put it on for us. It was raining by then, and he didn?t want us to get wet.


What I just wrote about is why I like living here. We received first-class service from start to finish.


When we got to Florence and dropped off the Free Press there, we rewarded ourselves for our ordeal by getting a chocolate chip cookie and a cupcake at the new bakery.


I have been trying to figure out how that sharp piece of fence post was sheared off and ended up in the roadway.

Two scenarios come to mind: Either the mower used to mow the ditches cut it off?because it was right by a small bridge that was marked with a short fence post on one side and not the other?or a bailer caught it in the field and threw it onto the road.

It didn?t help that clumps of grass hid it from view.


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