Unforeseen result for new tax law

I learned of unintended consequences for a law that grants tax breaks for using alternative fuels with taxable fuels.

Seems that paper manufacturers come up with a byproduct from making paper that is a sludge that burns very well for supplying heat all by itself. A law passed in 2005 allows for tax credits when alternative fuels are mixed with taxable fuels.

So, instead of using the byproduct like they?ve done in the past, the paper companies can add diesel to it and reap millions and billions in tax refunds.

Wouldn?t it be great if you could add gasoline to the water in the toilet bowl and get a tax refund on every gallon you flush down the drain?

The TARP law that was passed recently even extended the tax break through the end of this year. Maybe this is why the bills should be debated and read before they are passed.

If you want to read the entire story, go to www.the
International%20Paper and read ?Pulp Nonfiction.?


Some people read the Free Press public records religiously and others couldn?t care less about them. In the early days, I always read them because I formatted them for print, but no longer do that function.

So it?s hit and miss now. When I know there is something I might be interested in, such as a deed or speeding ticket, I do take a look.

The reason I brought this subject up is because rumors can get started about people whose name appears but aren?t the guilty party. The point is, there are some people who have the same name?so don?t get excited until you know for sure who you are talking about.

A person with the same name as a friend of mine appeared in the traffic section with a pretty hefty fine. Next time I saw him, I asked if it was him and he said no and that he was aware of three people who have the same name he has.


Let?s say you took some soup out of the refrigerator and stuck it into the microwave. After a few minutes, some of the soup is hot and some still cold.

My question: When you stir it up, does the cold stuff cool down the hot part or does the hot stuff warm up the cold part?


Is it still George Bush?s fault that the price of gas is back up to $2 per gallon?


The HHS All-School Reunion is just around the corner. We?re glad to hear daughter Amy is coming back for her 20th. How can it be 20 already? Maybe it?s because it?s my 45th.

For reunion details, go to our Web site and click on the All-School Reunion banner.


Occasionally I get to help with household chores. My list this past Saturday included cleaning the kitchen floor and vacuuming.

The kitchen floor is vinyl and the rest is carpet. Every other time I have gotten out the dustpan and swept up the stuff the broom found. Don?t tell Nancy, but this time I figured it was a lot easier to just sweep all of the junk from the kitchen on the carpet and then vacuum it.

Maybe that?s how it?s supposed to be done. I?m not sure if it is, but my new method is a lot faster.


I love it when computer programs I have are updated. My Final Vinyl analog-to-digital conversion software is light years better now and actually makes it fun to use after the update.

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