Uber comes to Hillsboro

It was only a matter of time before Uber hit Hillsboro. Yes, Hillsboro has its first Uber driver. And you will be riding in a shiny Town and Country Chrysler van.

I’ve already paid for a ride that I haven’t taken yet. The Hillsboro Uber guy is Tanner Giffin, who used to be our neighbor but still lives nearby across the Tabor College campus. We were at their house recently for dinner and we started talking about it and he said he was already signed up. So I thought I would request a car and he showed up on my phone.

The route I messed with was from their house to mine, which is about three blocks. I must have hit one too many buttons as the Uber app charged me for the ride.

It’s been great getting to know Tanner, Casie and baby Rudy—I should almost say toddler—over the past year and a half. Rudy is now 16 months and each time we see her we are impressed with her new motor skills and speech.

Amazing child. I always feel much better after seeing Rudy.

I can’t help myself in writing about how much I hate to talk with Century Link customer service.

A couple of years ago I made the mistake of bund­ling our DSL internet service with Century Link and DirecTV.

The prices kept going up and up, so I decided to unbundle our service so I would have the option of going another route.

It became impossible to talk with them because it is really AT&T that has partnered with DirecTV and we don’t have AT&T phone service in Hillsboro. Sometimes I wish we did because Marion has it and I believe they offer fiber internet in some parts of Marion.

Back to my issue with Century Link. I called and managed to unbundle my TV and DSL services. And Century Link transferred me to a DirecTV representative. I said I wanted one of the offers they sent to me in the mail that is much less than my current bill, but of course because I am an existing customer they could not do that.

Then I asked to be disconnected on Aug. 19, the day my billing cycle ends, but of course they could not do that. They could disconnect me right then, but not on Aug. 19. I would have to call back on that day and request it.

I have never eaten at a Runza Restaurant until last Friday in York, Neb. It is really some type of bierock, but you order it like a hamburger. I had a Swiss and Mushroom Bierock, which was really quite tasty.

York has a really neat looking water tower. It looks like a big, round, hot air balloon and is painted the same way—bright multi colors and everything. Quite spectacular, I must say.

If a parent passed down a Runza franchise to a son or daughter, would you say it “runza” in the family?

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