TV sports: to watch or not

On many occasions, I record sport­­ing events and then watch them later. I used to not peek at the final score, but lately I have peeked to see if I really want to watch. It is so easy with all of those sports apps for the phone.

There is another element to the idea of peeking and then watching that brother Mark and I learned at Christmas when we quit watching the Cardinals and Seahawks game at halftime to go to the Christmas Eve program at church.

It’s OK to know the score, but it is also fun to try and figure out how each team arrived at its final point total. We did that, and it was kind of fun trying to guess what happened since we didn’t see it.

Nancy is an astute analyzer of what I write. Like last week when I wrote that my eyedrops cost in excess of $480. It was actually in excess of $50,000 per gallon, which she figured out after reading the column.

I told her I didn’t want to write something that sounded like I was exaggerating. Missed that one by a mile and half.

How hard is it to start a drug company?

I really prefer the warmer weather we had until late Novem­ber.

If you don’t have one of these I think you should get one.

We had the office white elephant gift exchange on the Wednesday before Christmas. I have to say I may have gotten the best gift of all—which is entirely subjective on my part.

I went home with a motion sensor toilet bowl night light. Even better, one has the option to change the color of the light to seven different colors.

The light hooks over the toilet bowl top edge, and you put it sort of facing the door. When you walk in at night, the sensor detects that you are there and the bowl is illuminated! It stays on long enough to take aim and then you’re on your own.

My nephew Jon, of Newton, received a practice drone that he brought with him to Christmas dinner. He politely asked if he could fly it in the house, which he did without incident. I think when he is done practicing he will move on to the real thing, which requires the registration and the whole nine yards.

He said he was considering making a career out of flying drones and I believe he is on to something.

If you think our weather is cold, son Dan and wife Katie in Bend, Ore., had the waterline to their house freeze. When he told me that, I wasn’t sure how they were going to thaw it out.

He texted me a while later and said he put a heating pad around the main waterline, I know not where, and the water was flowing again.

If you saw the KU versus KSU basketball game last week, some of us were happy and the rest were upset.

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