Trip means connecting with family

It?s always good to connect with our kids and grandkids as we did again this past week in Atlanta.

Cameli?s Pizza just finished its big expansion and Friday night was the grand reopening event, which created record sales for the 12-year-old business.

Weather can create a lot of havoc. It tried to make trouble but failed as we got out before the snow on Tuesday night. The lightning and the rain while driving in the dark to the airport early Tuesday was a bit odd.

  • You could have read about this one in the Reader?s Digest, but it really happened here in Hillsboro.

    The pastor announced on Sunday morning that the offering was going to be moved up from where it was listed in the bulletin to right after the hymn ?I Surrender All.?

  • I should have a disclaimer on this column that I am not asking that anyone try my home remedies because the advice is probably worth what you paid for it.

    The Vapo-Rub-on-feet remedy supposedly did keep a little boy from coughing, or at least could have been partly responsible.

  • You may have noticed that the Daily Life and the Opinion sections have traded places in our Free Press format beginning in last week?s edition.

    Our dilemma has always been the short window of time we give ourselves from putting the paper to bed to delivering it to our customers. It?s about a six- to seven-hour window.

    With the demand for more color and providing multiple sections of the paper, our printer has big challenges to meet our scheduling requirements.

    Since the color setup is quicker and easier to register the color plates on the first web on the press, we made the change to give ourselves and our printer a better opportunity to be successful in the turnaround time.

    The content is the same, only in a slightly different location.

  • While in Atlanta we picked up the boys from school each day. The first time I went along I asked them what they had learned that day. No response.

    The next day I asked again, and again they said nothing. I tried the question once more and Louis, the 7-year-old, said pensively, ?I might have learned something?but I can?t remember what it is.?

  • Have you ever thought how much time you have spent in your lifetime buttoning buttons? Maybe that?s why I like knit shirts sans buttons.

  • The technology is becoming mind-boggling these days. Son Dan and friend Katie were flying from Salt Lake to Atlanta and we could track the flight?s progress on the airline?s Web site.

    We found out later they weren?t on the plane because of a snow storm.

  • Son-in-law George is planning to find an old Mercedes diesel and turn it into a bio-diesel for driving to the restaurant and back. He?s planning to use up some of the vegetable oil from the fryers at Cameli?s.

    We test drove a 1985 300D that had 337,000 miles on it. I was surprised at how well it drove and also at how poorly it stopped.

  • We visited the New World of Coke, which is right next to the Aquarium that we saw last time. The boys liked the tasting room where they had dozens of the 200-some flavors that Coke makes. Nothing like a lot of sugar to get everyone buzzed.

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