Trees are tough to count

When we sailed down the highways in North Carolina last weekend I started to count the trees and then gave up shortly after.

There are so many you cannot begin to count them. I was kidding about trying to count them, but merely trying to illustrate a point.

The trees make for some very nice scenery though. In many ways driving on highways surrounded by trees is a lot like driving on roads surrounded by wheat fields—except with the wheat fields you can see the horizon.

We stayed in Airbus in Athens, Georgia and in Ashville, NC. These seem to be a phenomenon of modern times, where people rent out a portion of their living quarters or all of their dwelling owned privately.

I believe it is a relatively simple process to get started.

We appreciate all who took the time to stop by our open house last Friday to help us celebrate twenty years in business.

It was a good excuse to thoroughly clean the place up also. So thank you.

I wonder why we need five county commissioners, but who am I to question it, when it passed relatively easily by Marion County voters.

Hope it doesn’t cost more to do it, though.

I seem to be spending a lot of time getting my two volume set of columns books ready for press.

I know for sure that I have two sets sold now, so I am off and running.

Perfection was my goal at the outset, but I may have to lower my standards if I expect to finish it on time.

We spent almost a day at the Biltmore just outside of Ashville.

It is the 2.4 million square feet residence built by George Vanderbilt just before the turn of the 20th Century on 8,000 acres. I believe it has nearly 250 rooms with about 44 bathrooms.

There are large gardens just off of the residence

Our time to tour the house was at 1:15 and one of the first rooms we saw was the banquet room which was big enough that our whole house could have fit inside of it.

We toured the first, second and third floors and then lastly the basement which has a bowling alley and a full size swimming pool.

The Vanderbilt family made their money in art, shipping and other business interests. In short they were extremely wealthy in their day. If you get the chance, I would go see it.

This bear was at the movies and the guy sitting next to him asks why the bear is at the movie.

The bear says, “I liked the book when I read it.”

Why don’t many elephants go to college?

Very few finish high school.

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